Advice On Leaving Home For College

Advice On Leaving Home For College

By Maria Fernanda Rada, YOUniversityTV Student Contributing Writer – Leaving home can be scary, exciting, stressful, joyful, time-consuming, hilarious, tragic, and tough. Rest assured, almost no one manages to get from home to college with perfect dignity and grace. You may think you are just fine with going away. Or you may fear the event for weeks in advance. Either way, you are probably in for a surprise – departing for school is never as bad – nor as easy as you think. How to get ready for it mentally: I think you should always stay busy, spending plenty of time with friends and family; make sure absolutely everyone has your cell phone number and your mailing address at school; and stop worrying about the future for enjoying the present. Here is the truth, I’ve met a few people that had easy transitions and others that haven’t. I have a friend that had to leave her mom while she was fighting breast cancer. She said that was one of the hardest things she ever had to do. But if she would have stayed home she would not have met her husband who she is currently with right now.

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More than your parents, I know it is also hard to leave your high school best friends. I mean come on, there is nothing like high school best friends. After all, you will see your parents again and they won’t change, but college might change couple of your friends. The secret is stay busy. Make new friends. This is a entire new chapter of your fabulous life story. The pros are that in college you will meet people with the same interests as you. As you will pursue only one career, you will be interacting with people with the same mentality and goals, unlike high school where you must be friends with whoever sits next to you in chem class!

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