Adulthood: Does University Prepare You For The Working World?

When you enroll in College, one is filled with excitement and hope for a brighter and better tomorrow. However, once the four years are over, different graduates take different paths and the response to the above question, differs one from the other. You probably had the hope of getting a well-paying, full-time employment once you graduate.

It may not be the case, upon graduation, which can lead to frustration among many unemployed graduates. So, does University prepare you for the working world? If you take time and reflect keenly on your college experience, you may realize that it was somehow worth the money and effort.

You don’t need an essay rewriter to determine this. The following is how you can prepare for the real world:

  1. Dress “appropriately” for your lectures

I know, that when one is enrolled at the university, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the freedom that you now have. Depending on the college that you are attending, they may or may not be restrictions on how to dress in the university’s compound.

It is a great feeling to walk in loosely fitting clothing, a simple t-shirt, and pants. However, in the workplace, you have a specified set of rules that govern how one dresses. If you want to fit in the blue-collar job market, you have to train yourself how to dress in formal clothing.

  1. It is a chance to build connections

Networking in the workplace is necessary if you want to progress, up the corporate ladder. Some people find it difficult to interact with new people for the first time. Practice your conversation skills with your colleagues.

Once in awhile, try and start conversations with a new person. After all, you won’t have the same anxiety as you would if you wait until you have to network in a business forum. Also, connections will help to inform you of opportunities that would intrigue you. Maybe you need rewriting services; you may find a sweet deal that you weren’t aware of.

  1. Find a mentor

At the university, interacting with your professors, supervisors and other intellectuals will open your doors to finding a potential mentor. One that you have the utmost admiration for and would like to be just like them or more. If there is a Career Advisor in College, reach out to them.

Speak about your goals and plans, and heed their advice. They have more experience than you do.

  1. Practice Teamwork

For any business to grow, then every individual has to work as a team. If you have been through several job interviews, you will note that often, the interviewer wants to know about your attitude towards teamwork.

They may not ask you directly, but the meaning is implied. Learn to work as a team in your projects, assignments, e.g., rewrite my paragraph free, and even through study groups. You achieve more by working as a team than as an individual.

  1. Learn how to listen

To succeed in any job market, you must be willing to listen and learn from others. Yes, you may be the best candidate yet, but even the employee that you may consider as low may have some vital nuggets of wisdom to offer.

Practice your listening skills when you attend lectures, meetings, etc. Try to understand the material presented to you, and ask questions that are related to it, to gain more understanding about the matter at hand.


You may not be “lucky” to land your dream job, straight out of college. But you can still use your experiences to chart the right path for your future. Learn to take risks, find a mentor, to help you map the proper course, and learn to listen.


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