Accounting Assignments: 7 Secrets for High Grades

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Are you having difficulty acing your accounting classes? For you to succeed in Accounting, just like any other course, you have to strategize. For one, memorization may not do you any good as it probably would for a history course.

At the same time, when you find needful help me with my accounting homework, knowing a bunch of theorems and solving a few problems, isn’t enough. It then begs the question, how then does one achieve high grades in Accounting.

We will outline a basic strategy that you can tweak with your optimal learning styles to help you with your accounting home work and even exam.

1. Preview the Class Material Before a Lecture

If you have ever been in an accounting class and didn’t understand a thing the professor said, this is for you. Going through the class material before each lecture will help you familiarize with what the lessons will be about.

You benefit from a class if you can follow through its’ discussions.

2. Take Good Notes

Train yourself to identify the key points in a lecture, and note them down. When the class is a discussion session, pay attention to the questions from the professor. Write down a few phrases of anything that’s worth noting.

Take note of the problems or topics that the professor singles out in a class.

3. Teach Yourself

You should study smartly. The professor only has to present the course material in a learnable manner. Monitor your progress and level of knowledge. Do your accounting homework.

If during class you don’t understand a concept or problem, ask questions. Complete any additional reading in good time.

4. Review the Course Material

Accounting books are like an encyclopedia. You can’t chug all the information at once. Read your textbooks several times. Work the examples in the text. Take down notes and highlight essential principles.

For reinforcement, you have to go through the accounting rules, repeatedly. Working every problem in the textbook is possible.

5. Identify Patterns

You have read the text critically and have well-organized and written notes. It’s now time to put the knowledge into practice. In accounting, they are patterns that can guide you in solving problems in your exam or homework. They should be both broad and specific.

Use these patterns to work out the questions in the assignment. List down the steps for working out a problem. As you answer the assignment questions, use the steps as a guide. If you haven’t used any of the points to answer any question, delete it.

6. Get a Study Buddy

Having a study partner will help you learn how to think as you listen. In a class, we all assume that the professor is never wrong. With a study buddy, you listen and evaluate what they say.

It also gives you the practice of explaining what you know. A friend will help you learn in an environment that isn’t intimidating. And don’t always go for the smartest person in the class.

7. Healthy Living

For you to learn effectively, you have to be in good health. Otherwise, it will be to the detriment of your accounting grades. Get adequate sleep that spans at least 7 hours. Drink enough water, daily.

Go early to bed. Eat healthy foods and not just survive on snacks and energy drinks. Don’t forget your fruits and vegetables. Spare a few minutes each day for exercise. Spend a few minutes every day, basking in the sun.


By adopting effective strategies for the study of accounting, early in the process, you better your chances of getting higher grades than expected.

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