9 College Freshman Mistakes You Will Definitely Make

College is an exciting time for anyone starting out there. It’s a time to learn new things, make new friends, and experiences things you’ve never experienced before. Being a freshman though, you’re going to make mistakes. It’s understandable. However, here are some mistakes you want to avoid if at all possible.

1. Not studying for that exam

You’re not in high school anymore, and you can’t get away with not studying until the night before the test. It won’t work and your grades will suffer. Instead, get into the habit of studying little and often. Work out what the best way is for you to study. Cramming is exhausting and just not as effective.

2. Getting caught up in high school relationships

You miss people from back home, and that’s understandable. It’s hard having to move away from all the people you love. We’re not saying you should drop them all, but don’t rely on them contacting you. Instead, go out and make new friends. You’ll catch up with your old ones when you go home for Christmas.

3. Not monitoring your social media

That photo of you doing a keg stand may be hilarious to your friends, but to any future employers? Not so much. Watch gets put on your social media, and adjust your privacy settings. You don’t want the wrong people to see the photos from last weekend’s party.

4. Worrying about your relationship with your room mate

So, you’re randomly assigned to your roommate and that’s not great. You may have decided the best way to deal with it is to become their best friend. You may well become best friends, but you don’t need to force it. If you’re just too different, just be cordial with one another.

5. Not using internet tools to make studying easier

There are plenty of tools online that can make your college life easier, so why wouldn’t you use them? Here are some of the best ones around:

GoConqr: Use social networking to create study resources, and share them with your friends.

Quizlet: Anyone can create quizzes here to help other students study and consolidate their knowledge.

Boom editing: This online writing website will edit your assignments, to make sure you get the grades you need.

Australian Help: This site has study guides and other resources that help you study more effectively.

Study Stack: Play games here to study, you can even play them on your phone.

Essayroo: If you need assistance with getting an assignment proodreaded or edited, this is the tool to check.

Study Guides And Strategies: There’s a study guide here for almost any subject you can think of.

School Traq: This digital planner will make sure you have all your deadlines straight.

UKwritings: Check this online study tool to get ideas and assistance on writing your essays and college papers.

6. Not managing your money

You’re an adult now, and you’re in charge of your own money.. Don’t blow all your money in the first two weeks. Nothing is worse than being broke while at college, or having to call your parents and ask them for more money. Make a budget, and stick to it. Then you can feel smug when all your friends are living off noodles.

7. Not checking your school email

You’ll be assigned a school email account when you start college, so don’t forget to check it. Your professors will only email you through this account, so if you ignore it you’ll miss a lot of important stuff.

8. Paying full price for your books

Let’s face it, books aren’t cheap. There are ways to buy them for less cash, though. You can buy textbooks off past students, buy them used through online stores, or even find ebook versions.

9. Avoiding campus clubs

If you’re not in class, that doesn’t mean that you have to stay in your dorm room. Get out there and see what’s available. There’s clubs for nearly every interest, so get involved. It’s a great way to make friends, too.

These are the biggest mistakes any freshman can make. Take the advice here and you’ll find your first year at college that much easier. You’ll make other mistakes, but that’s ok. It’s all part of growing up and learning, and isn’t that that what college is all about?

By Gloria Kopp


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