8 Most Effective Tips How to Beat Procrastination on Studying

So many students struggle with procrastination and it has become a problem over time. With the rise in social media access, it is understandable why it is on the rise. We have to be mindful with how we spend our time, especially if you have the heavy load that comes with studying. With this being said, it is not just social media that distracts students from hitting the books. If you are stuck in a rut of leaving things till the last minute, then these tips will help you get unstuck. 

You can do a phd thesis online, so there might not be as much pressure to do things yourself these days. On the flip side, you might get a lot more gratification when doing it yourself. Students are complaining that they just do not have enough time to get through their work.Perhaps, it is just a matter of procrastination that has contributed to the limited time they have. Beating procrastination is going to add so many benefits to your life outside of school as well. Let’s get right into the tips you can apply today. 

1.Organize your life

Nothing waste more time than being organized. It is easy to keep yourself busy trying to find a pencil or that textbook that you swear you put in your bag. Being organized is going to help you stay focused. Make sure you take sometime out to sort through everything you need to be an effective student. This time is not going to be wasted and you will surely see the benefits in the long run. 

2.Have a reward system

As human beings, we enjoy being rewarded. You do not have to wait for your rewards to come from school, but set up your own system. This does not have to be expensive or over the top rewards, but keep it simple and effective. If there is something you really enjoy, make that a reward. Your rewards should be scheduled and not cause you to procrastinate any further. This way you will be motivated to get tasks done.

3.Get going early

The early bird catches the worm is not just a cliché. You can get so much more done if you start your day bright and early. You can buy phd online or you can start early and earn it the right way. When you rise early, you are already a few steps ahead of most people. If you do tend to procrastinate later in the day, make sure you get important tasks done before your mind even realises you are awake. 

4.Block Social Networks

Not everyone is distracted by social media, but the majority of students are. Blocking social media accounts when it is time to get down to business is going to help a great deal. Looking at one text could send you down the rabbit hole. Before you know it, 2 hours would have passed and by that time you’ve lost your creative spark. 

5.Take breaks

This might seem counterproductive, but no one can work continuously. Make sure youtake short breaks in between study sessions. This is going to giveyour brain a change to recuperate and allow you to focus even betterwhen you return to your books. 

6.Change your environment

We all have a place wherewe usually study, but sometimes getting out can make a world’s difference. If you usually study at your desk, you might want to try going to the library, park or even a coffee shop. If you have been working on that thesis defense powerpoint for 3 weeks in the same space, change your environment. The things that distracted you in your old space will not follow you to your new environment. 

7.Set attainable goals

Not achieving your goals is a sure way to cause procrastination. Your mind might take a dive in the depression pool and it might take a while for you to gather yourself. Instead, set goals that you can achieve. Break up bigger goals and set smaller goals that you can achieve in a shorter amount of time. This way, you are constantly feeling good about achieving these goals and it motivates you to continue. 


Nobody is perfect (even the ones who tell you they are) and you should not be too hard on yourself when working on solving your procrastinating behaviour. Breathe and relax through the drama and make sure you apply these tips. Everyone is different, but you can beat procrastination with a changed mind-set and a lot of hard work


These tips are going to help you achieve your short, medium and long term goals. Do not set yourself up for failure by not working on eliminating this problem.You can beat it and you will, but give yourself a little grace through the steps. 

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