8 Inspiring learning Websites for Future Students

The current world that we live in continues to shape its future that has endless possibilities due to the existence of technology that advances on a daily basis. Technology has made life more comfortable with every aspect of the society, social and economic remaining the core recipients of advantages from the advancement in the technology.

Moreover, technology has vastly changed the manner in which education is carried out in many countries, and it has made the process of learning more efficient and acquired with low costs.

The aspects of technology that have changed how education occurs in many institutions include the introduction of machine learning although e-learning remains far stretched in the field. The process of learning on online platforms consists of the use of services such as the professional paper writing service through which student carry out and submit their work through the use of internet-based platforms.

Presently, there exist hundreds of websites that offer e-learning services although the list below includes some of the outstanding categories of e-learning platforms.

  1. Coursera

The Coursera occurs an s a resource center for students of all ages and backgrounds by providing information for both academic and the general knowledge application. The source for the vast databases of information found on Coursera arises from the partnerships that the platform has with learning institutions, museums and other resource centers.

  1. W3 Schools

The W3 School offers a little bit different form of learning as the students concentrate majorly on issues related to web designs and its applications through the online portal. The courses that students learn include; HTML, PHP, SQL, all of which refer to programs that relate to web designing procedures and skill sets.

  1. Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has set itself apart from other online platforms by offering its services differently, and for this, it remains famous all over the world. Prospective students may start right away to learn their courses of choice through the programs offered by Khan and his team.

  1. Codecademy

The Codecademy offers prospective students a chance to learn the currents trend in the technological world of coding. One of the advantages of the Codecademy remains that anyone, including people without the knowledge of coding, may choose the practice of coding regardless of educational background.

  1. TedEd

The TedEd online educational program offers students the opportunity to learn through instructional videos and topics. The set of videos available at the TedEd remain freely accessible and act as an essay writer help for anyone to use freely, and they get sourced from motivational speakers.

  1. Open Culture

The Open Culture online educational portal offers educational programs to people of all ages for free, the programs provided on this website remain in conjunction with those from universities all over the world.

  1. Open Yale Courses

The Yale University remains prestigious all over the world an everyone who knows about an Ivy League Instructors would surely sign up for these free courses. Open Yale remains, and you don’t have to pay a dime. The course helps an individual especially on writing professional essay.

  1. Academic Earth

The programs offered by Academic Earth remain different from those provided on other sites since the platform believes in education to everyone on earth for free.


A prospective student with the desire to learn the new way of learning course would undoubtedly seek the recommendation of online e-learning programs. Most of the course offered on the above websites remain freely available to the public.

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