8 Best Productivity Hacks for Procrastinating Students

procrastinating student

Procrastination is the illness of the modern youth. With the emergence of thousand of new technologies, they tend to prefer to scroll through their social network newsfeed rather than being actively involved into some activity.

However, it was also an issue for the previous generation who used to spend long evenings staring at the screen. They all know that no good can come from procrastination, and yet keep doing what they are doing.

It is even more obvious among students.They deal with lots of stress and procrastination is their answer to it. But the good thing is that unlike the diseases, procrastination in 100% curable.

For this reason, if you want to stop wasting your time this way and want to invest it into something truly worthy, then read on these tips. They can truly turn your world and make you a much more productive person than you are now.

8 tips for students on how to stop procrastinating

1. Leave the gadgets away from the working area. 

Most of the procrastination time, students spend on their phones. They tend to check their phones every few minutes no matter whether they received some notifications or just want to spend some time not working on the project.

That is why, it is a brilliant idea to put all the gadgets you do not need for the research or the project somewhere out of your reach. The necessity to stand up and go somewhere to grab the phone will prevent you from doing it so often.

Free your desk from the gadgets – and enjoy the productivity growth!

2. Set deadlines.


There is nothing more motivating than deadlines. You might be postponing the task for as long as possible until the deadline comes. Then the feeling that you have no choice but to have it done drives you to start working on it.

The same applies to your daily routine, so that studying, and working hours. You need to set realistic dead so that you will know when the task has to be finished. Make sure that you include no time to waste when estimating how long it will take you to complete something. Thus, you will get more things done leaving no more for procrastination in between.

3. Get a planner. 

It is easier to have things done if you have them planned and written down. It is a psychological thing: when you see something, you are more likely to take it seriously and feel the responsibility for it. Besides, just imagine how fulfilling it is to cross out things from the list you created for the day! There is no better feeling than knowing that you have achieved specific goals today (Okay, there are better feelings, but this one is simply fantastic!) Create a timetable for the day and estimate how much time you will need for each task. This is all it takes but it is a powerful tool.

4. Work out.


Even though we rarely associate procrastination with the lack of physical exercise, there is a strong connection between these two things. Your body needs a boost of energy to have more things done, and this boost is in physical exercises. Even if you cannot join the gym or aerobics class, do a15-minutes workout in the morning for this matter.

The thing is that the exercises nourish your body with air and stimulate the growth of new neuronal connections. As a result, you are more likely to think out-of-the-box and be more productive than your peers.

5. Add more colors to your desk.

Sometimes the place you work at seems dull that you lose the desire to work on project and feel a strong need to switch the activity. Redecoration might be a perfect solution here.

Choose some bright colors to add to the area you work at. Stay away from the garish colors but opt for blue, green, and yellow ones. They stimulate the imagination and are even know for boosting creativity. So, why not trying to liven up your working environment?

6. Hard work must be rewarded. 

reward yourself

This is an amazing rule you should also try applying when fighting against the procrastination. Think of something you like be it food, movies, books, or activities – and use those things as a reward for hard work.

For instance, let’s say you finish the school project before the set deadline. This means that you can spend an hour watching your favorite series or eat a bar of your favorite chocolate. This will help you focus on a task and try your best to fulfill it. But at the same time, make sure that you do not get treats if you failed to finish the assignment before the deadline. It is only fair that it works both ways. And thus, you will be more likely to strive to complete the task.

7. Do not work at home.

Sometimes you tend to procrastinate when you work at home because the sofa your work on is too comfortable, and the books on the shelf are so interesting that you stop working, lie down on the sofa, and dive into a book instead.

That is when, working at a café or a library might be a better choice. You should not feel too comfortable and the place must be helping you to concentrate instead of distracting you.

8. Plan your breaks. 

Finally, you need to add breaks to your schedule but only have limited time for them. Thus, you will use the time for them wisely and will only do the important things instead of procrastinating. You can have 15 minutes break every hour. Use this time wisely or even plan it ahead of time.

Procrastination can cause much trouble. But the tips like the ones we mentioned above can save you so much time, you won’t even believe it! So, start writing everything down, creating timetables and rewarding your own hard work to enjoy the productivity benefits in your life!


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