7 Ways To Score 36 On Your ACT Test

Tip #6- Get help! If you find a number of questions you can’t answer correctly, or perhaps one of the four sections that gives you a significant problem, get some help from a qualified tutor who offers ACT test prep assistance. Don’t assume that the actual test will be any easier than your practice tests. It won’t be. If you need help, get it now before you take the real ACT test.

Tip #7- R&R (Relax and Rest) On the day before the real test, get plenty of rest and good nights sleep. Have a healthy light breakfast in the morning and head off to the test well prepared. Make sure you have everything you need for the test including a calculator, pencils and your admissions ticket. Expect to be a bit nervous. It’s natural. Expect to find at least a few questions that throw you a little. For those questions, take an educated guess at the answer by eliminating any answer that can’t logically be correct and choosing the best of the remaining choices. Don’t panic. With all your preparation, you will score better than you would have before the preparation. Maybe even that coveted 36. And, even if you don’t like your score, you can take the test again and keep the best score. Good luck and here’s to you scoring your best on the ACT. Now for a little added motivation, Check out videos of these schools that have students with the highest ACT scores: Yale University Cal Tech Columbia Stanford Princeton

Thank you for reading this blog, and please don’t forget to share if this has been helpful to you so that others can benefit from these tips! If you are looking for a ACT tutor in Naperville, IL please visit us at http://www.naperville-tutoring.com/act-up.html Descriptions and a few tips of some of the ACT prep offerings are available for viewing on our ACT resource page.

By Joan Geyer Kaliher http://www.naperville-tutoring.com 


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