7 Ways To Score 36 On Your ACT Test

Tip #4- Finish before Checking! Answer the questions in all sections of the practice test before you look at the answers in the back of the book. You have to practice relying on your own knowledge and thought process before relying on the book’s answers. The answers at the back of the book are there just to check your answers and to show you which problems or sections you need to spend more time on. The ACT rewards you for correct answers and essentially doesn’t penalize you for incorrect answers, so if you don’t know the answer for sure, make an educated guess. Don’t leave any question unanswered unless you completely run out of time.

Tip #5- Read it as if you wrote it! For the reading section, you should read the questions first and then read the text you are supposed to be answering the questions about. This seems to help many students tie in the questions to the context of the reading passages. It may help you to read the passage as if you were the author and you are reading what you just wrote. What would you have been thinking about if you just wrote the passage? What would you have been trying to say? What facts were you presenting? Then, answer the questions in the practice test for that passage.


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