7 Ways To Score 36 On Your ACT Test

7 Ways To Score 36 On Your ACT Test

Score a 36 on your ACT test? Wouldn’t that be great? I can hear you thinking, “How am I going to do that?” Obviously you’re going to have to start with some basic intelligence and some knowledge in Math, Science, English and Reading. But, I’m assuming you have a lot of that already, or can get some help from a competent tutor. You probably have more knowledge in those subjects than you give yourself credit for. So, in addition to applying your own natural capabilities, here are 7 Ways To Score 36 On Your ACT Test.

Tip # 1- Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail! Preparing for the test beforehand can be hard work, but is critical to help you score higher. If you go in blind without preparing, I guarantee you will get surprised by the unexpected. Get yourself a good ACT test prep book such as The Real ACT Prep Guide or from Barrons, Princeton, McGraw-Hills or get several.* Read the book(s) well and take the practice tests to see how you do on each of the four sections.

This will help you know what kind of questions to expect in the actual test, and will tell you which section you need the most help with, if any. The test prep books also help you understand what kind of strategy you need to follow to score better on the real test. Take the practice tests under conditions that will be similar to those you will experience in the actual test (for example, on a Saturday morning in a quiet well lit room with no distractions like a TV or cell phone).


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