7 Style Tips College Students Must Follow

College is the best time of the life, and for students, today’s time is indeed the best era to be on campus, because now, students have access to everything. Right from social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to watching tutorials on YouTube and following style trends reviewed by college fashion bloggers. College students can do anything with technology, which is why they also experiment on things never tried before.

There are many college fashion blogs online, which a student can follow to understand what suits him and his physique. Clothing should be adorned only according to your personality, and your body. A certain piece of cloth might look fantastic on your friend, but it might not look as good on you, so you should consider buying it and think twice before proceeding the bill-counter.

Here are seven style tips that university students must follow to take their game a notch higher.

1. Stay Updated about Latest Colours – As a student, you must keep abreast of what’s going on in the market, and which colors are in trend. Following blogs and Instagram profiles of certain people can help you more than you think! Many college party themes revolve around ‘Instagram trends’, which has become the talk of the town lately.

2. Keep it Simple, yet Trendy – Being too complicated is bad for yourself. When you are in college, you need to choose a set of clothing, which is easy to carry out throughout your hectic schedule but also keeps you popular. Choose minimalistic clothing for yourself, like basic shirts and a simple pair of jeans. Sometimes, being simple is classier than being too adorned with all kinds of things and accessories.

3. You can dress well even on a budget – Yes, you read that right. You do not need to spend a fortune to dress well. You can easily do that while being on a budget. There are many vintage stores, online shops, and non-branded Instagram accounts, who sell fabulous clothing. You just have to be smart enough to make the right choice and monitor the sales available. There are many students who look more put together in cheaper clothes than the students who run after brands and price tags.

4. Take care of your body and hair – The one thing that students tend to ignore while in college is the basic skin and hair care, which is essential for a healthy skin and scalp. We know you are busy, and your routine is always packed up with one thing or another, but it is you who will have to eventually take care of your skin. Get your hands on some good body wash, face wash and shampoo that suit your skin, and make it a routine to do some extra care on weekends or whenever you have time. Even some small steps can ensure long life to your hair and healthy skin.

5. Read about latest fashion – Fashion is not visible only on campus, but even in magazines and journals. You can ask for access to your university library and read about the latest fads in the market and the best styles to follow. In some journals and magazines, you may also find some online homework writing help as well, which talk about fashion forecast, predictions about fashion for next year, and beyond. And that is something, that can help you in the long term to stay trendy.

6. Take care of your Accessories – Just because your overall look should be minimal does not mean you should completely leave the accessories out. You can include a nice pair of shoes and a good wristwatch which can accentuate your overall personality and provide you with a new look. College fashion is not just about clothing, but equally about accessories too.

7. Get Discounts and e-coupons – There are always seasons and times when you can get heavy discounts on online stores. Keep looking out for upcoming season sales, and deals like Halloween, black Friday and especially Christmas and New Year. The items that you can get on sale during this time are something you won’t find at that price all year round. It can be an amazingly great deal if you are smart enough to make the right decision at the right time.

Lastly, as a student, you can always mix and match your clothing. You don’t need to buy a lot of clothes; you can just buy a few, and wear them separately, changing your style and look every time, with each pair. These tips and hacks will not only help you beat the competition in style at your campus, but it will also help you stay in fashion throughout your degree or course completion time.


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