7 Signs the Graduation Is Coming  

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7 Signs the Graduation Is Coming  

No matter how hard you try to pretend that everything is OK, the graduation is just around the corner – it’s approaching really fast. The big day is coming, and it has somehow resumed possession of your mind, everything that you do and what you feel. You’re having dozens of tests, you check best custom writing service reviews  and promo code coupons to find the most reliable helper to share the academic workload with. Whatever plans you may have for the day X, here are a couple of signs that you’re one of many college students, who are about to turn the “graduate” mode on.


“Are you ready to graduate?”

Oh, that question. Every individual that approaches you here and there asks you, “How are you doing? Are you ready for a new brand-new life?” Even the students with the best college progress are tired of the looks and questions that they see from people around. And when the conversation is over, here comes “So, have you already got some plans?”


You don’t know what the best TV shows on Netflix are now.

Things change, my friend. The time that you used to spend hanging out with friends or watching “The Alienist”, “Jack Taylor” or “Better Call Saul” on Netflix is now 100% spent trying to apply to every possible job that you face on the web. Reading dozens of testimonials and checking the ratings of the top companies is your personal reality show right now.


Just one more task…

The other reason why you’re searching for the discounts or a coupon code from the custom writing companies is that your college tutor believes you do have enough time to deal with the homework assignments in the middle of making for the rest of your after-college life.


“Who are all these people?”

Let’s face it, you do not recognize anyone on the territory of the campus anymore. Plus, you and your peers were definitely cooler freshmen in your time.


You are a bit weepy, but it is OK

Even though you’re sad and tears are in your eyes, you know your life will go on when you leave the college. You do not feel distraught even though you know you will miss your classes like hell and on some days you’ll want to turn back time. What is more, you understand (but not yet emotionally) that you’ll have a completely new and interesting life when you leave, and that it is possible to find happiness far from here.  


You feel both – older and wiser than the first year students.

In a good way, of course. Whether it’s in the way they communicate, the way they pick the classes, the way they socialize, the way they’re going out – whatever you take a look at when it comes to the freshman in your college, you feel different in every existing way. Moreover, you can’t help but notice how happy you are that you’re “not like that” anymore!


Your student loan debt isn’t vague anymore.

Remember the time when you thought that your student loan debt was distant like a far-and-away land? You didn’t have to worry about it and your future as well. And just now you realize that you will have to begin to pay them in half an hour. Yeah…


No matter how vague the future may seem, it is a good idea to always remind yourself that you have made it through several years of challenging undergraduate battle! You’ve successfully made it through campus part-time jobs and internships and noisy dorm routine. You are the winner now, so enjoy the feeling!


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