7 Killer Mistakes in Writing an Admission Essay

Are you a high school senior looking forward to your years in college? It’s not enough to get good grades; college essay applications play a crucial role in whether or not you are accepted to the school of your dreams.

How you express yourself using a custom essay writer matters. To avoid missing the opportunity to the school, you wished to; the following are common mistakes that applicants make and should avoid:

  • Lacking Originality

The number one mistake that many candidates make is writing an essay that lacks originality. For your custom essay writing, you need to write, about the things that make you unique. Don’t try to pre-empt what the college recruiters could be looking for so that you can fashion your answers in a particular manner.

Write about yourself and be original. It is a personal essay about you. Assess yourself, without forgetting your imperfections.

  • Not doing enough research on the school

When faced with the essay question on why the particular college is suitable for you; it is common for many students to use generic responses. However, you should conduct research and find out information about the school that is perhaps left out of its website.

It should be a reason that you relate with. In your essay, show how its characteristics apply to you.

  • Lacking Focus in your responses

A particular question for your custom essays Australia could warrant numerous ideas from you. Don’t be tempted to include many ideas into one particular article, as tempting as it is. Focus on an idea or two and elaborate on them.

If possible, fashion the different ideas to answer different questions in the application.

  • Not planning

Some applicants wait until the deadline approaches to respond to the essay questions. Yes, the questions may appear simple but remember, the article doesn’t test your writing skills, but your suitability to the school.

Take time and tackle each piece at a time without having the pressure of a probable time lapse.

  • Writing about an issue that doesn’t interest you

As much as you want to sound intelligent in the essay, don’t choose a topic that doesn’t intrigue you. The recruiters can tell when one isn’t talking about who they are or what fascinates them.

Find your passions and write about what makes you, you.

  • Forgetting to proofread

You may have a well-written essay but one that is marred by grammatical errors. It shows lack of keenness in what you do. Always remember to go through your work. Where there are errors, rectify them.

Check for errors in vocabulary, grammar, and even sentence structure and edit your work appropriately.

  • Not seeking feedback

No matter how confident you are in your responses, always seek feedback on your essay. You should ask someone whom you are comfortable with to go through your work and give comment about it. It could be a teacher or a friend.

It doesn’t hurt to have a fresh set of eyes, go through your work.


By avoiding the outlined mistakes in your application, you are improving your chances of admission. Get right on it.


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