7+ iPhone Apps Every Language Learner Must Know

We choose to learn a different language due to various reasons. It could be that we are fascinated by the culture of people, how they pronounce words or the musicality in the way they speak. Perhaps, it is because you are traveling to a new destination and would like to be able to commune directly with the locals.

If you are one who loves to travel to new places, you know the importance of learning the local languages. It may keep you from getting ripped off or help you avoid a tricky situation. Whatever your reasons, you can comfortably learn a new language right from your phone.

Do you own an iPhone? The following are some of the best translation service apps, without having to pay for language classes:

1. Duolingo

This app makes learning a new language fun. It breaks down the lessons into small levels that it feels like a game. You earn an in-game currency for an answer that is correct. You can also compete with your friends to test who has a better comprehension of a particular language.

2. Busuu

It offers learners with courses in 12 languages based on their level. You can choose from Beginner to Upper Intermediate. You will also find a separate mini “Travel Course,” for those looking for cheap translation services when in a foreign country. If you use its desktop application, you can chat with locals directly. What better way to learn a language than from the native speakers?

3. Memrise

Do you prefer learning using visual cues? The Memrise app pairs words and phrases with puns and visual cues, to remember the vocabulary better. You can create your memes, too. It will earn you points, as well as be revising, does. You can use it for your translations French to English.

4. 24/7 Tutor Apps

It supports many trainer apps, dedicated to different languages. If you need a 24/7 Tutor, then, this is the app for you. The courses are broken down into topics on clothing, health, food, education, directions, and much more.

5. Tandem

Tandem focuses on learning through conversations with a native. You first have to sign up with Facebook or a Google Account. Your profile will be vetted to eliminate those who abuse its use. Then with a native who shares the same interest that you do, you can join in a video chat, send audio or text, as you learn from each other.

6. Learn Chinese (Mandarin) by Brainscape

If you are keen on learning Mandarin, you should consider this app. You don’t only learn about the vocabulary but how to write down the words. You will learn efficient ways to draw symbols and have enough space to do that. It also includes flashcards to help you learn basic grammar and words.

7. Google Translate

Maybe you only want to get to speak the expression you have in mind. With Google Translate, you can translate text, handwriting or voice, to the language that you want. You don’t have to look for translations for different words in a sentence and try to put them together into an understandable sentence.


If you own an iPhone and need an app to learn a new language, the above apps will get you started. Depending on how you would like your lessons to be, whether visual, text or through conversing with natives, you are covered.


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