7 Expert Tips about Winning Pharmacist Personal Statement Writing

The field of pharmacy is very competitive. The greatest challenge you will face is getting your foot in the door. That means, securing the opportunity to pursue your dream career as a pharmacist.

In filling and sending your applications to your school(s) of choice, you will need to submit a pharmacist personal statement. It is an essay about you, your achievements and ambition that you use to convince the admissions committee that you are a good fit.

Remember, every other applicant may have good or better grades and achievements than you. However, an amazing pharmacy personal statement, may be the thing that gets you a place to pursue studies in your field of interest.

If writing an essay about yourself feels intimidating, this article will help you get over this fear.

Key Steps to Take in Writing a Personal Statement

1. Consider the Audience

Decisions on whether or not to invite an applicant for an interview lies on the admissions officer(s). They have many applications to go through in very little time. The sure way to make an impression is to tailor the content to the audience.

For pharmacy school, the admissions committee will likely include professionals in the field. Aim to capture their attention with your understanding of the profession.

2. Research

It will help you demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm in the area of pharmacy. Try to gain insight into the industry through background reading. Where possible, getting individual experience will prove useful.

Use this knowledge to connect your abilities with that which is required to succeed in this field.

3. Consult the Experts

It could be in the form of attending a webinar on practical tips on personal statement edit. Also, a journey of self-reflection will do you right. Identify aspects of your life that make you different from everyone else.

Ask your teachers for help in determining the things that you do best.

Expert Tips for Personal Statement Writing

4. Start Strong

It’s a sure way of capturing the attention of the reader. Be creative in formulating your introduction. You can use a quotation, anecdote, or a question.

Choose something that’s in line with the story that you want to share about yourself. Remember, the personal statement allows the reader to get to know you at a personal level.

5. Give Evidence

Every detail you share should sell you are the right fit for the program. That means you need to provide relevant information and be as specific as possible. Refrain from using generic statements, e.g., you have excellent communication skills.

Instead, provide evidence where you showcased this skill. Use numbers to add to the authenticity of the content.

6. Get a Second Opinion

A fresh set of eyes could help you transform your essay from basic, to outstanding. Their opinion will give you a new perspective. So, get a close friend or family to go through your final draft before you submit it.

Listen to what the person has to say and make the necessary changes or additions.

7. Show Confidence

You’ve got to believe in yourself. It will show in how you write. Therefore, it’s prudent to adopt a positive attitude as you craft the personal statement. Highlight your strongest selling points.

However, watch out that you don’t over-sell yourself. Be honest about your achievements and abilities. Honesty is essential, too.

Before you submit the Personal Statement

Proofread it. You need to demonstrate that you pay attention to details. It’s one of the required qualities of ideal students. When you don’t know where to start, write.

Leave the editing for the final stages. You need to demonstrate that you possess the intellectual curiosity and ability required in a pharmacy student.

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