7 Essay Writing Tips to ‘Wow’ College Admissions Officers

You never know when you need to make your first step into the adulthood. Well, until you start to write your application letter. This is the point where most of us understand that this is it – the childhood is over and the time to take actions has come. You need to forget everything that you know and start something absolutely different. Now, you do not need to impress your readers by how good you’ve understood the topic or how great you are at spelling although the spelling is also important. It is something more. You need to present yourself in a flawless way so that the college admissions board will want to ‘buy’ you. And the only way to do that is by writing an application letter that will wow college admissions officers. Sounds intriguing? Well, it is. And we know which essay writing tips work for you.

We have analyzed dozens of essays written by former school kids and took into consideration the results of these essays to create a list of the most useful tips and essay writing tips for your application essay.

Do not be afraid to joke

Most of the applicants think that their application letters should be as serious as possible. In fact, they are ready to present the list of their achievements and end their essays with that. Fortunately, you are reading this article, so now you know that this is a mistake that can have a serious influence on your results.

Of course, you should not write jokes in every paragraph, but it will not be a mistake to start your application letter with a joke or a funny story. This is also a perfect starting point for those who always have problems with writing the first paragraph. When you write a simple essay, you always start with stating a problem. When you write an application letter, you do not have a problem to present to the audience, but you have yourself to present to the board.

Exemplify your successes

If you want to write a college application essay that will work for you, you need to demonstrate to the admissions officers that you really are the person who deserves to study at this college. Every college wants to have strong students who may enhance their average academic rates and make a college rating better. So, if you want to prove that you are a good choice for them, you need to show that you really are successful.

Of course, it will not be enough just to mention that you have already achieved some success, you need to show the admissions officers the examples of your success. These examples may be the academic grades, your achievements in sports, or even in the organizing of some events – participation in school activities may become your advantage.

Do not try to impress

The main mistake of all applicants is that their letters have the same style of begging and the desire to impress the admissions officers. It means that the members of the board can hardly find at least some differences between the letters they get. Do you want to become just another one or do you want to be the only one? We think that you’d better choose the second option.

Of course, your main goal should be to impress the board but you should never show this to the board. Try to make your application letter an advertisement of yourself. When you watch ads, you do not think that they beg you to buy the products. They may recommend, insist, but not beg. They are confident in themselves and their product and they demonstrate this confidence to everyone.

Use simple language

Another mistake that you may make is to use a thesaurus for every word. In the desire to impress the board with you sophisticated language and advanced knowledge of the English language, you may try to use a thesaurus. Thus, your writing will be artificial as it will be full of the words that we hardly use in everyday life.

Thesaurus is a good decision for writing a classic essay which presupposes that you need to learn something new. And when you write about yourself, you need to use the everyday language.

Show what’s important to you

Many students are afraid to look too selfish in their writing and they never include the things that they really want to talk about. So they start to write about the things that are important to their readers, in our case, the college admissions officers. However, this is what makes the text look artificial and prepared especially to impress the board.

Be yourself

You should not try to be someone else when applying to a college. If you think that you do not fit the demands of some college, perhaps you should not apply there. Even if you become a student of this college, you will never feel confident there. Thus, it will be a problem for you. So, do you think you really need to apply to this college? Be honest with yourself and be honest with the board. Even if you are ready to risk and apply to the college where the application requirements are highly demanding, you still need to be yourself.

Format your paper so it look flawless

The worst thing you may do in your application letter is to forget about the formatting. Every college has its own rules concerning the format of application letters and these are the rules that you need to follow no matter what. Besides, you need to remember that the general rules of formatting may not include such things as lists, bold, italics, etc. So, make sure that your essay is really easy to read.

These 7 essay writing tips will definitely help you to create an application letter that will wow the college admissions officers. Of course, you should adjust these tips according to the requirements of the colleges where you apply. If you have some advice concerning this, you may even share it with us. Use these tips as a basis for your writing strategy and enjoy the process of creation of your application letter! Good luck!


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