6 Vital Things To Know Before The First Day Of College Classes

6 Vital Things To Know Before The First Day Of College Classes

1. Be Early

Allow yourself ample time to find the classroom and to get a good seat (which can be difficult in large classes if you are late). Getting to class early also lets you clear your head, organize your materials, and make new friends with other early arrivals. Even if you already have friends at school, try to make connections within each class. This will allow you to form study groups, to share ideas and information, and to get vital information if you should have to miss a class.

2. Bring Your Tablet or Laptop

While this is not allowed in most high school classes, many college professors encourage the use of laptops for note-taking. Having your laptop along also allows you to quickly reference important information, to keep up with presentations, and more. Just be sure to stay on task and not get distracted by Twitter or Candy Crush Saga when you should be paying attention.

3. You May Have Work Due

In every college class, there is at least one person who is completely surprised on the first day to hear that there was an assignment due. Really? Work is due before class started? It is not uncommon for college professors to make a reading or other assignment via email or another method before classes start. Check your email regularly, check the website, and talk to other students to make sure you are not caught unprepared.

4. Show Up Ready to Work

While most high school classes use the first day to go over the syllabus and class rules, many college professors will jump right in and start lectures and assignments. Take all of your materials to class, including your assignment calendar, and be ready to take notes and mark important dates.

5. Be Ready for a Fast Pace

College classes often cover a great deal of material in each session, and professors do not generally stop mid-stream to ensure that everyone is following along. Pay close attention, take good notes, and jot down concepts you may need to clarify later on so you won’t forget to ask questions when the opportunity arises.

6. Don’t wait Until the Semester is over to Ask for Help

It is very common for students to wait until the semester is half way before they realize that they’re struggling and need to reach out to others for assistance, by this time it is far too late. Visit your Professor during office hours to clarify subject matter that you find difficult sooner than later. Another option is to seek assistance from an experienced tutor who has sufficient knowledge and expertise in the subject area. http://www.vintagetutoring.com

By understanding these important facts, you can be sure that your first day of classes will go as smoothly as possible. College is a lot different from high school, but you can make it a highly successful experience by being prepared and jumping right in.

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