6 Best Apps For Passing Finals

6 Best Apps For Passing Finals

The current college aged generation (18-24 year olds) uses approximately 28 apps a month, spending over 37 hours on them. That is a lot of app usage and time spent on mobile devices. Chances are you aren’t spending that time on anything important or useful. What if you could harness some of that time for good? Maybe even to help you get better grades in college? Even fifteen minutes a day could make a difference. To optimize your mobile study time I have compiled a list of the best apps for helping you pass finals.

Any.do is the ultimate task management app. If you’ve made hundreds of failed attempts at keeping a planner, any.do might be able to help. We all know you spend at least a few minutes looking over Facebook before you get out of bed every morning, why not take an extra minute to list out the things that need to get done. The app will remind you each morning to create a to do list for the day.

Any.do will keep track of your homework, test, chores, bills and anything else you can think of to schedule in. You can also prioritize and set time aside to get things done.
The lists are shareable, making it easy to keep tasks organized among friends and group members. If you’ve ever worked on a team project for a class you know how beneficial it would be to know what everyone has gotten done and where the project is currently at any given moment. This way you will know if Sarah has been slacking off before the day your project is due.

QuickVoice recorder
QuickVoice is great if you have a tendency to be more focused on texting your friends about last weekend’s party than listening to your lectures. The app will record in the background even while you’re using other apps. You can also pause a recording if your professor decides to take a break. It’s a lot easier to get a classmate to record the lecture using an app than to get them to share their notes with you if you miss class.

Bonus: you don’t have to worry that the classmate may take really bad notes. When it comes time to cram for your final you’ll be stoked to have all the lectures recorded in one, easy to access, place. You can even play them back while you’re driving or folding laundry.

With Studyblue you can create your own mobile flashcards and find others that people have shared from prior classes. It is the largest online library of study materials. Due to its size it will be nearly impossible to not find something useful to help you study for your finals. You can choose to study materials on your device or print them out. This makes it really easy to study while you’re between classes or waiting in a long line.

You are also able to share materials with study group. This way you will all have the same flashcards and vocab sheets when you get together to study.

Much like Studyblue, Quizlet is a collection of study materials. However Quizlet’s main focus is quiz questions. Often times you can find questions taken directly from your tests. If for some reason you can’t find exactly what you are looking for on Studyblue, try Quizlet and you might find a better match. You’ll also be able to figure out which of your professors are too lazy to come up with their own test questions.

iTunes U
iTunes U gives students access to tons of free content. Most colleges have some of their own content on the site. Even if your school doesn’t, you can find information from other professors on the same subject. They might even explain things in a way that makes better sense to you than the way your own professor explains them.

Unfortunately some incoming freshmen may be too young to understand the controversy that is Sparknotes. Though that doesn’t make it any less effective of a study tool. Think of it like every professor submitted a list of notes for their class and you pretty much have the wonders of Sparknotes. Scouring through Sparknotes can be a great way to generate ideas for a paper, check key ideas from books and get a synopsis if you managed to forget about the mandatory reading assignment. Sparknotes has pages of study guides on just about anything you could imagine including films, books and random study tips.

By Ally Mann


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