5 Ways to Beat the Homesick Blues in College

5 Ways to Beat the Homesick Blues in College

Almost every student who goes to college feels homesick sooner or later. But, it’s natural to feel disoriented in your new environment as there’s a series of events that you would be experiencing one after the other. Though every student deals with homesickness in a different way, listed below are some tips that can make the transition a little easier for you:

1. Decorate your new room

Probably getting adjusted to your new room is one the most difficult things to do! You might find your new bed a little uncomfortable and it might be challenging to share your personal belongings and space with new people. But, make it look as nice and comfortable as possible. How about getting a beanbag chair or hanging your favorite posters in your room? You can even decorate your desk with pictures of your friends and family. The mantra is to create a home away from home!

2. Be Socially Active

Rather than continually missing your friends and family back home, channelize your energy and interest in making new friends. Make a new friend in every class that you take. This will help you when you need a study partner. You can even create a study group with selected members of your class and regularly meet at a nearby coffee shop.

3. Join a Club or an organization

Joining a club or an organization is surely a good way to make friends with new people. This also gives you an opportunity to get attuned to campus life. Many colleges have a student center where extracurricular activities are organized, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to find students with similar interests. Think of joining an NGO that allows you to do something for the society, such as those working towards social development, education, health, emergency relief and child welfare. Join CRY, WHO, UNDP, Asha Kiran, which need volunteers on regular basis and give something back to the society. Other than giving you immense satisfaction, it will also add value to your resume.

4. Encourage Your Family Members and Friends to Pay you a Visit

If it’s difficult to go home, you can encourage your friends and family members to pay you a visit. Spending some time with them in your campus would help you a lot. Just walk them around the campus and introduce them to your new friends. Make it large!

5. Go Home

Just when you think you wouldn’t probably miss your family and friends, it’s time for a break. Colleges are not open for 365 days a year. You will get the chance to visit your family during summer or autumn break. You can even plan a long weekend with your family and spend some time in your room. Get comfortable sleep on your bed and ask your mother to cook your favorite meal. Spend time with your old friends and by the end of the week, you will be all charged up to go back to your college.

Keep reminding yourself that homesickness is temporary and is bound to reduce over time. Just give yourself some time to get accustomed to the new environment. Once you develop a comfort level, you will start seeing your dorm room as your new home.

Mamta Khanna carries around 14 years work experience in SEO writing, creative writing and editing. She has worked with distinguished software and eLearning companies in India and is currently associated with TextNook, which is one of the online platforms in India to provide Professional student community with right tools to reach academic excellence.

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