5 Types of Activities That Can Help You to Refresh Your Mind

Do you know that feeling when your brain becomes heavy and you cannot perceive any piece of information? It frequently happens when you are preparing for some important conference or exams. You become sleepy and inattentive, coffee does not help, and you start to hesitate that you can study something ever again.

When you have a lot of time to the day X, you can just quit everything and go to sleep. But when the deadlines are tough, and you actually have only a few days for preparation, you need to find some effective methods to reboot your brains just in a couple of minutes. Do not waste your time trying to find out what works best for you. Here we collected 5 activities that help leave the vicious circle at least for a while and make you brain work again.

  1. Drink a glass of a cold water

When you organism has got used to coffee, you can drink even 10 cups a day but you feel nothing except for irritation and fatigue. Coffee no longer is a stimulator for you. But there is another effective drink that does not have so dreadful influence upon your health. Moreover, it helps you feel better, restores water balance and makes you concentrated without making harm to your health. A glass of cold water with lemon and a little bit of sugar will enhance your perception and will wake up your concentration. The water should be cold as warm or hot water will just relax you more.

  1. Take a walk

Walking has two main advantages: you breathe a fresh air that makes you feel less tired and your body muscles start to work. You start to generate energy that is necessary for productive brain work. A short 10-minute walk is enough to stimulate blood flow and release you from tension.

  1. Make some physical exercises

If it is too hot outside, or you do not want to waste time to get dressed, make some physical exercises. Again, you stimulate blood flow, your muscles work, and endorphins, hormones of happiness which reduce the stress level in your organism, are secerned. Besides, changing the activity you rest even better and more effectively. This is perhaps the most effective way to bring your productivity to the desired level. There are 5 more reasons to combine studying with exercises, check them out and use these methods in your daily practice.

  1. Eat proper food

As we have mentioned before, studying requires energy. If you do not eat enough, you can get problems with attention and your mental effectiveness. To restore the energy for a short time, you can eat dark chocolate. Also, include nuts, dried fruits, salmon, cereals, seeds, and avocado to your daily ration. They have enough Omega-3 acids and carbohydrates, the most important nutrition elements for the effective intellectual work.

  1. Make pauses

To be able to work on one and the same research longer, you need to manage your time properly. Make pauses each hour. If you have problems with concentration, you can take pauses even more frequently. The main rule is to not get distracted while you are working. Let us say, you work for 45 minutes and have 10 minutes rest. During 45 minutes of studying you do not check Facebook, do not call your friends, and even try not to leave your room. Use 10 minutes rest to make everything you need to do. Make longer pauses each 3-4 hours. Take 30 minutes to have a walk or make some exercises. Having these pauses, you release your body from tension, and restore energy you need to keep working.

Do you have your own methods of refreshing your mind while studying? Share your secrets with other students! Perhaps you will discover something new and find some new ways to study harder and get better results!

Christine Allen is young writer and blogger at essaystorm.com. She believes that you can get everything that you want. You just need to be sure in what you really want and be patient. You can follow her on Facebook and Google+.


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