5 Tools and Websites that Make College Applications Easier

5 Tools and Websites that Make College Applications Easier

Thousands of high school seniors are thrilled to get into a new phase of their lives, but they are also worried about the process of college admissions. Having a high GPA and doing well on the SAT is not enough; the students have to submit flawless college applications as well.

Luckily, we live in the era of technology, so there is an online solution for every problem we face. The right tools will help you plan your actions during college admissions and get through this stressful period as successfully as possible.

LinkedIn University Finder: Everything starts with finding the right colleges to apply to. For many high school seniors, even this step is an inexact science. They have to think about many aspects of different colleges before they choose the ones that are worth applying to.

With the help of LinkedIn’s University Finder, you can identify colleges that have great reputation in the eyes of employers. Of course, you also have to consider the social life, types of classes and extracurricular activities, but the aspect of “hireability” is something you cannot ignore. This tool asks what you want to do and shows which universities send the greatest number of alumni into that specific career.

NinjaEssays: You cannot risk your academic future by failing to submit the perfect application essays. This is the part that gives the most trouble to college applicants. They have to write a personal essay that will make their interests and limited experience look attractive to the admission committee.

The committee members are always focused on bringing the best students in their colleges, so having a great GPA is never enough. If you cannot find the right approach towards application essay writing, then you can hire professional help at NinjaEssays.com. The writers at this website know how to present you as an attractive candidate by completing unique content that will help you win a spot in the college of your dreams.

Admittedly: This is another tool that helps you find your dream college. Unlike LinkedIn’s University Finder, which is mostly focused on the practical element of your studies,

Admittedly takes more random factors into consideration (such as body piercings or religious practices of the applicants).

Your parents might think that these factors are not relevant, but you know how important it is to fit into the new environment.

College Confidential: When you become part of the largest college forum in the world, you will understand what it’s like to be a student in different institutions. The discussions at College Confidential will enable you to get proper advice that will help you plan your college education, find the best fit for your inclinations and locate the schools that give significant financial aid.

College Admissions is a popular section at the website, with thousands of forum threads you can join.

StatFuse: Are you ready to reveal your chances of getting accepted? StatFuse uses statistical data aggregated from over 1200 colleges to find out how viable you are to go through the admissions process successfully. Some of the most important factors include test scores and average grades of the students who were accepted to those colleges.

The tool will calculate your chances and provide a detailed report of your strengths and weaknesses.

Remember: you are in control!

There are some elements of college admissions you cannot influence. Your academic record is already set and you have a fixed SAT score, but you are still in charge of the way you present yourself through the application essay. The right choice of colleges to apply to is also very important for a successful academic future.

Stress is an inevitable part of this stage of your life, but you can find a way to minimize it. The five tools we listed will help you find simple solutions, determine the most suitable college for your skills and personality, and get accepted by submitting a successful application.

By Robert Morris

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