5 Tips to Consider After Making the Final College Decision

National College Decision Day is upon us! May 1st is the day high school seniors finally reach the culmination of their hard work. This is judgement day. For some, this decision has already been made, and for others, this is an extremely difficult time. However, once the choice is done it will be time to celebrate all the hard work and prepare for the months ahead. Here are 5 tips to better prepare you for this critical juncture:

  1. Prepare for registration

This is the time to get familiar with your course catalog, look into the classes you are most interested in and what are the requirements for these. If you need to take any SAT II Subject Tests, you still have time to register for May or June. If your college requires it, you should definitely have this done before your fall registration. Colleges will need your official test scores on file when you register for classes.

  1. Plan your orientation (don’t forget your parents!)

The official introduction to campus life and independent living comes at orientation. Both parents and students should attend. Both will gain valuable information about college life, and make significant connections with other students, maybe even find a roommate. Make sure to involve your parents in all this, they are also a part of your moving out process.

  1. Talk about money

Once your decision is finalized figure out what you expect to do about money. Keep in mind your academic and financial expectations. How much time to do you want to invest in each one of these? Will you need to apply for a job? Are your parents helping you through college and with how much? You should begin budgeting for expenses, mainly the essentials such as food, transportation, BOOKS!!, etc.

  1. Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships

Don’t stop looking and applying for scholarships. You may already have your financial aid set up, but you can continue to get scholarship money throughout college. Even $1000 awards will come in handy, college is expensive!

  1. Shopping time

You will need stuff for your dorm, but don’t go crazy! You can start buying essentials that you know you will need such as hangers, towels, toiletries, etc. But wait until move in day in order to know the layout. Speak to your roommate, this will save you from duplicate purchases both of you can share, like TV or a mini fridge. You might get tempted to over buy with all the excitement but it is definitely better to wait.

By Idalia G. — academic advisor for Parliament Tutors, a private tutoring and test preparation service. Idalia offers tutoring in Miami.

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