5 Resources You Should Take Advantage of in College

5 Resources You Should Take Advantage of in College

There are so many opportunities for various activities on a college campus, it’s hard to know where to start! Colleges pride themselves on the unique resources they provide for their students – whether it’s bringing a famous band to perform, offering free academic tutoring or supporting hundreds of student-led clubs and events – and are always striving to improve campus life and meet their students’ needs.

So often, students don’t recognize just how many resources and opportunities are available to them during their undergraduate experience! Many times, these resources are not properly marketed, and other times, they are just simply overlooked. So while you think about your weekend plans or start to plan for final examinations, don’t forget to not just check out your campus resources, but to take advantage of them!

  1. Academic Resources: This is a biggie. Many campuses offer a wide variety of academic resources for their students, such as private and group tutoring, essay reviews, and test prep courses for the GRE, GMAT and LSAT! Usually, your tuition will cover a few sessions of tutoring or a couple of essay reviews, so it is to your benefit to find out what your school offers and take advantage of it!

  1. Mental Health Services: As fun as it can be, college can also be an extremely overwhelming time, and many college students benefit from speaking to licensed psychologists at some point or another. This resource is usually overlooked, but is offered as part of the tuition on many campuses.

  1. Extracurricular Activities & Clubs: Do you ever walk through an academic building during evenings or weekends and see a group of students in a meeting? Or, do you walk by some of the on-campus fields and see a group of friends playing soccer? In many cases, these are established, organized clubs that receive school funding for their activities. Check out your campus’ organization list – if you don’t see an organization you’re interested in, you can always start a new one!

  1. Career Services: Once you get closer to senior year, more and more people in your life will begin asking you, “What are you going to do after college?” This question can be daunting if you have not sat down to really ponder your post-college goals. This is where Career Services comes in! Their offices are not just for seniors, and they can help you research and secure internships, develop your resume, prep for important interviews and help you find opportunities after college.

  1. Spiritual Life Services: Whether you’re looking for a more formal spiritual experience, or simply a group of students with similar beliefs to yours, there are many opportunities for you to connect spiritually during your college career. If this is an area you placed value on before undergrad, or is just something you are curious about, it is absolutely a resource you can take advantage of on your school’s campus.

Most colleges offer their students an abundance of amazing resources, however it is up to the student to take advantage of them. These types of opportunities don’t always exist in the “real world,” and when they do, they usually come at a price. Be sure to put your tuition dollars to good use and take advantage of all that is offered to you while you are still a member of the campus community!

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