5 Most Common Challenges Faced by International Students

There are numerous students in developing countries who aspire to pursue their graduate, post-graduate or research degree from abroad in order to get better economic opportunities. According to Times Higher Education, Canada, United States, Europe, UK, Germany, and Australia are considered as the most popular destinations for International Students. These international students are mainly from Nigeria, India, Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh and from countries whose native languages are very different from English.

When students from these countries go abroad, they face many challenges and difficulties. Let’s take a sneak peek of their difficulties.

Cultural Shock

The excitement of getting into an international university fades as soon as you land on a foreign land. Suddenly, finding yourself in an entirely different culture with people speaking different languages, eating different food, socializing differently can send a chill down your spine. Integrating into a new culture with new people is never easy. Hence, one of the perils of being an overseas student is to experience “cultural shock”.

Solution: Be yourself. Don’t hesitate to communicate with others and don’t be scared of being judged. Allow yourself to make new friends. Learn about their culture and share your viewpoints with them. Connecting with like-minded people will make it easier for you to adjust to the new setting.

Language Barrier

Studying in a country where people speak foreign language leads to difficulties in communication. Most of the international students studying in countries such as Canada, USA, UK and Australia are not fluent in English. Hence, they lose confidence and hesitate to discuss their problems.

Solution: Take language classes. Don’t hesitate to explain your thoughts and feelings even if you cannot find the accurate words. Communicating in English would help you become more confident and improve your oral communication skills.

Difficulty Understanding the Lectures

Another challenge that the international students may face is they might not be prepared to attend the lectures, not having the pre-requisite background for it. This may result in poor grades.

Solution: If you are unable to understand the lectures, don’t worry! Always remember it takes time to get used to it. Therefore, don’t stress yourself. Ask some of your new mates to share the notes with you or to help you understand the main points of the lecture.

Academic Writing

This might be one of the toughest challenges as even some native students find difficulties in their academic writing. Therefore, for international students, initially, it is very tough to write perfect assignments as per the writing standards of the university. In fact, few students also look for free assignment samples.

Solution: You will need to do a lot of practice.  Apart from that, you can take help from a research writing service. Such services not only provide you with assignment writing help but also offers free samples to help you understand the formatting and structuring of an assignment or dissertation.


Being in a foreign land would want you to explore new places, try new restaurants and buy new stuff. However, your budget would not always allow you to do so. Moreover, you may need to save money for additional assignment help and guidance from an assignment writing service.

Solution: Look for a part-time job, cook your own meals whenever possible and try to search for an affordable writing service that would help you with your coursework without breaking your bank.

All Your Challenges Have a Solution

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every problem comes with a solution. Therefore, whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation, don’t let the stress and frustration prevail(take CBD if you ending up stressing). The aforementioned challenges may discourage and distract you from achieving your goals but all you need to do is to stay focused, believe in yourself and tackle the situation smartly. Good luck!


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