5 Great Habits for Women Looking to Re-Energize Career and Life

5 Great Habits for Women Looking to Re-Energize Career and Life

If you are looking to re-energize your career and your life, one approach is to form good habits. A habit is something we do often without really realizing that we are doing it. That’s because it has been engrained in our minds and has become a part of our regular routine.

The following are 5 habits that can positively impact how you manage situations in your career and in life.

Good Habit #1 – The Habit of Being GRATEFUL

It can be very easy to focus on things that may not have gone as planned. Perhaps there was a challenge at work, an opportunity that was missed, or you faced some other disappointment.

I want to share about the good habit of being GRATEFUL. Regardless of the challenges you may be facing, turn that disappointment around and focus on the things that you are grateful for.

This helps to shift gears quickly to the things that are truly important to you. There will be other deadlines, more opportunities to obtain, and other chances to fix the things that didn’t work out.

In the meantime, start or continue the habit of being GRATEFUL and you will notice that those issues that may have gotten you down before are relatively small compared to all the things you are grateful for.

Good Habit #2: The Habit of Taking Risks

My 11 year daughter has been in gymnastics for quite a few years now, and she has always been nervous about doing a back hand spring. She recently participated in a special clinic that focuses just on this technique.

As I watched from a distance, I could see the coach working with her to do the flip on her own. At first she did it with him spotting her. Then it was time for her to try it by herself. As I watched, I could see that at first she was very hesitant.However, with a little more encouragement from the coach, she did it!

She overcame her fear and TOOK THE RISK. Now she wants to compete and join the competition team. Overcoming this obstacle has opened her mind to even greater possibilities.

What is the challenge in your world? It may be accepting a new job or opportunity, writing a book, or starting that business or project. Whatever it may be, think about this habit of TAKING RISKS. Once you achieve the goal, amazing opportunities will follow.

Good Habit #3: The Habit of MANAGING YOUR TIME

Sometimes I think we all wish that there could be more hours in a day. However, the reality is, there will always only be 24 hours in a day. So how you manage your time is important when it comes to managing your career and your life.

A habit of managing your time will help you to think about the things you do in your typical day that you can stop doing, rearrange or delegate to others. This will certainly free up more time for you to relax, reduce stress, and do more of the things you enjoy doing.

Good Habit #4 The Habit of POSITIVITY

Another habit that is a good one but not always an easy one is the habit of POSITIVITY.

There is so much power in what we think and what we say, so keeping it positive will certainly offer a better chance of a good result or outcome.

Be intentional about being more positive and resist the urge to be negative about situations. You can start by saying positive things like “I will get that job”, “I will finish that home project” or “I will accomplish that goal”. Continuing to develop a habit of being more positive is a great approach that will help you to better deal with the situations you face now and in the future.

Good Habit #5: The Habit of MAKING EACH DAY AWESOME

Each day is an opportunity to do something great. It’s also an opportunity to be and do our very best.

It can be tempting to simply rush through the day or focus on what’s next on the schedule. However, by practicing a habit of MAKING EACH DAY AWESOME, you will focus more on living and being present in the moment; putting forth your best efforts, and unleashing all of the creativity, wisdom and talents throughout the day.

Try starting this habit and make today, tomorrow and each day after that a day that is focused, fun, inspiring, and AWESOME!!

By implementing these 5 great habits, you will be well on your way to re-energizing your career and your life.

By Alisa Charles — If this information was helpful and you would like more career tips for women, then click on the link below. There you can sign up to receive your FREE copy of “5 Quick Tips to Accelerate Your Career” at http://styleyourcareernow.com


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