A 4.0 GPA Is Not Important Anymore, But This Is

A 4.0 GPA Is Not Important Anymore, But This Is

If you haven’t read the countless reports that the college admissions process is becoming more competitive, then listen up.

Our modern world is facing a huge issue regarding college admissions. We now have more students who are choosing to apply to college right after high school and more students with a 4.0 GPA; however, fewer students are getting accepted into their dream school. Let’s break down a standard Yale applicant who seems like the perfect fit:

4.0 GPA
Student Body President
Founder and President of The Student Political Union, Red Cross Club Secretary, and Students Against Drunk Driving Treasurer
Debate Team Captain
Has only taken AP courses
Varsity Tennis Team Member

Seems like a great fit! Except for a few key things:

The entire resume is self-promoting
There is nothing unique

Harvard recently published a study indicating that the key to getting in is to be nicer. That means a variety of things like: working with people who are different than you, getting involved in your community, and avoiding a “brag sheet.” When you are applying to college, try to think about what the admissions officer wants to see. Sorting through hundreds of resumes about students with a 4.0 who have more board positions than AP courses is going to get old, and quickly. If your family has suddenly fallen on hard times and you have to decide whether to take an after school job or run for a board position for a club you don’t passionately care about, taking that job to help your family out can help you get into school more than you realize.

It is one thing to have a school full of high achieving students who have always done well in school, and it is another thing to have a diverse study body of well-rounded individuals. Every college wants to have an alumni member who changes the world for the better, and many admissions and recruiting offices are starting to shift their focus towards these students who know what it means to work to support a family or takes the time to learn about people who are different than themselves. It is still extremely important to maintain grades so you can stay competitive, but you need to do something that makes you unique. Are you going to swim with the fishes or run with the lions?

Harvard, Yale, and other Ivy League schools are getting in on this new way to view applications. Don’t miss out on your chance to get into the school of your dreams.

By Kara Schell 


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