The 3 Challenges Most Students Face Making The Transition From High School To College

Personal responsibility 3. Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility means understanding that the buck stops with them and they are ultimately responsible for what happens in life. When we’re young, it’s easy to blame parents, teachers to make ourselves feel better about our own mistakes. Failures and successes should be accredited to the person individually. In college, personal responsibility is a wake up call. No one will make sure you make it to your 8:00 am class when you would rather sleep in. Your professor may not remind you to complete and turn in your research paper on time. You won’t be able to blame your sibling for missing pre-registration and not get the courses you need. In closing, making the transition from high school to college can and will be for many students, the most challenging experience they have faced in their lives. Students should take the time to plan out their schedules from week to week and month to month. This will allow students to celebrate the success they are experiencing and begin to develop good habits. Students should use free time efficiently in the form of preparing for upcoming classes or reviewing notes. Students should place a sign on their mirror, which reads “the buck stops here” as a reminder . With a keen understanding and awareness of the most significant challenges first year students face, addressing these issues may allow students the time to prepare and develop the skills noted above to help ease their transition.

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By Abdul Roux


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