The 3 Challenges Most Students Face Making The Transition From High School To College

Academic workload 2. Academic Workload

First year students are surprised at the amount of reading and the length of research papers they must write.  Students in high schools complete substantially more assignments than college students, it is the type of workload that change. The greatest demand will be reading and preparing for class. This is a challenge because many students report not having to complete any substantial reading for classes in high school and being able to study for the test 15 prior to class and perform well simply based on memorization. The difference in college is that you will have homework every day even if none is officially assigned, you still have required readings which must be done. In high schools very little reading is required outside of class, some college students read 2-3 chapters each night. For every 1 hour of class, you should be spending 3 hours outside of class studying and preparing yourself.


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