The 3 Challenges Most Students Face Making The Transition From High School To College

1. Time Management

I know, it’s one of those skills which we all believe we have under control.  We really don’t, and are not disciplined enough to take a closer look. For students in grade school, since kindergarten, scheduled school days are primarily fixed and structured based on a portion of time during the day that remains the same. Students experience this for some 12 years and then within a 90 day span from the end of their senior year to the first day of college classes they must make a drastic change to a schedule that is more flexible and unpredictable. This can be challenging for students as they will have to decide what time the will take their courses and how those courses will align with other obligations. Students with a  9:00am and then a gap until 1:00pm, may not know how to pass the time effectively.


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