Five Tips for Crushing Your Finals Problems

By Steve Conklin, YOUniversityTV – With the semester quickly coming to a close, there is one last thing standing between you and that final grade you’ve been working so hard for. Finals week is dreadful for some students, but our friends at are here to help! With some preparation and good study habits, you can crush your finals!

Here are the most frequent mentioned #FinalsProblems college students are talking about on Twitter:

  1. Studying / Cramming – “There’s always something interesting on TV when you’re about to study. #FinalsProblems”
  2. Lack of Sleep – “Almost 1am and I’m still studying. What is sleep? #FinalsProblems”
  3. Eating / Snacks – It’s sad that the thing I look forward to the most in my day is eating smiley fries #finalsproblems”
  4. Writing / Research Papers – Sometimes editing the paper is more difficult than writing it #FinalsProblems”
  5. Stress / Anxiety – It’s not finals week unless you cry at least once. #finalsproblems #stressed #overit”

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