17 College Interview Questions and How to Answer Them (Part 3 of 3)

Question 11: What have you liked or disliked about your school? What changes would you make to your school?

We all have experienced good and bad moments in our school life that are etched in our memories forever.  There are days when you love your school and days when you dislike it. So when you answer the things that you liked or disliked about your school, make sure you give justified reasons for your answer. If you loved the library, explain why. If you hated a particular teacher, explain why. Your answers should not only highlight your preferences but it should also showcase that you have a thinking rational head on your shoulders.  

Question 12: Why are you interested in our college?

You would have applied to the college because you were interested in it.  Do an extensive research about the college, its programs, its campus life, the opportunities it has to offer and then formulate your answer as to what made you apply for the college. Talk about your academic aspirations and how the college could actually give wings to your dream career. A little amount of flattery is acceptable as long as it doesn’t sound fake.  The interviewers are usually smart enough to see through lies and bluffs.   

Question 13: Why do you want to major in ______________ ?

This is a question of personal choice. Only you can answer why you want to pursue a particular major. Irrespective of what major you want to study, ensure that you mention your fascination towards that particular subject or career path. Interviewers like genuinely enthusiastic candidates.   

Question 14: What do you want to get out of your college experience?

College education taught me a lot of things. It taught me the value of time and money. It taught me that learning never ends. It gave me friends and a lifetime full of memories. What are your expectations from college – is it knowledge, experience, opportunity or simple life lessons? How does college fit in your career plans? Once you mull over these questions, you will find what you want from your college experience.   

Question 15: What could you contribute to our college community?

Often, colleges are looking for students who are not just good in academics but also have an inclination towards extracurricular activities. This is your time to brag about your interest and achievements in extracurricular activities. If you are good in sports, music, art or something else altogether, explain how you can contribute to the college with your talents. Talk about how you can contribute to the campus life. Talk about your dreams of making it big because if you succeed then it would be something for the college to be proud about.

Question 16: What do you expect to be doing ten years from now?  

This question is not as simple as it looks as most of us don’t have a future plan in place. Dream big and think about all the things you could achieve in the next ten years. Create a future plan keeping in mind the major in which you want to graduate in. Talk about how college education will be a stepping stone towards what you want to achieve in 10 years.  

Question 17: What’s your opinion on the immigration debate? (Controversial topics and Current affairs)

The above question is just an example of the controversial or current affairs related question that you can expect in a college interview. Such questions are asked to test your knowledge about current affairs and world news. It helps the interviewer to gauge your rational, logical thinking skills and gives an idea of how strongly opinionated you are. Irrespective of your views on different controversial topics, make sure that you back your opinion with strong logical reasoning.  

The questions that are listed above is only for reference purpose. There can be many more questions that an interviewer might ask in a college interview. Now that you know the kind of questions you will encounter in a college interview, I hope that nervousness and apprehension towards the entire process might have reduced. Practice answering these questions and indulge in mock interviews so that you are confident and prepared when the D-Day arrives. All the best!

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