17 College Interview Questions and How to Answer Them (Part 2 of 3)

Question 6: Tell me about a challenge that you overcame.

No one likes challenges and hurdles on the path to success. But it is the challenges that make the journey memorable. We all face challenges in our day to day life. See your life from a third person’s view and you would find many challenges that you have faced and overcome. You don’t have to go too far searching for challenges. In all probability, you would have even mentioned them in your college essay. Don’t be shy to speak about your challenges even if they don’t highlight the best qualities in you because the story of how you overcame it will drown out all the negativity.   

Question 7: How do you define “success?”

Everyone has their own definition of success so you don’t have to go by the book when you answer this question. Ask yourself what success means to you. Is it victory or fame or money or satisfaction or something else? The answer lies within you.

Question 8: Who in your life has most influenced you? Who is a role model for you?

Again, this is a personal question. We all have our idols and role models from whom we derive inspiration. And we all have our reasons for considering one particular person as our role model and why he/she inspires us. It can be someone very close to you like your friend or a relative. But it isn’t necessary to name someone close to you as role model. Even a world leader, a sportsperson, an artist or a social worker can be your source of inspiration.    

Question 9: What three adjectives best describe you?

This question requires you to choose the three best qualities that you have and justify it by sharing instances when you displayed those qualities. Intelligent, hardworking, passionate, honest, proactive, helpful, kind – these are just a few adjectives to describe a person. If you find it difficult to find adjectives to describe yourself, ask your friends and peers as they might know you better that you know yourself.    

Question 10: What is the most important thing you’ve learned in high school?

School teaches many things to us other than just academics. Schools teach you about discipline, team spirit, hard work, friendship, equality and much more. Based on the experiences you had in school, answer this question from your heart.


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