17 Best Podcasts for Medical Students to Listen to in 2018

How many of you listen to podcasts to help pass the time? Most of us do it to find motivation and inspiration in life. There are so many of these out there, that is it hard to choose. If you are studying in the healthcare industry, these are the podcasts you need to listen to.

1. EM Basics

These podcasts are specifically designed for medical students, specifically related to EM. With many case examples, you are going to cover a host of various scenarios. With the in-depth explanations of many medical emergencies, you will find it beneficial when doing your clerkship. You might not need that medical school personal statement editing service after you listen to a few of these.

2. Surgery 101

With over 116 podcasts on iTunes, you are sure to find your topic on any surgical information here.

3. Second Opinion

The focus on these podcasts are on topical issues, but it is definitely worth listening to. These podcasts are usually no longer than 5 minutes and can be very helpful and insightful for medical students.

4. Medical Educator

Reading a ton of text during your study process can be daunting. These podcasts help you revise for your exams and are completely free of charge.

5. University of Aberdeen’s Medical Unit

This is the perfect podcast for undergraduate medical students. It is focused on core topics and gives a great foundation students can build upon. Even if you are still busy writing your nursing school personal statement make some time to listen to these insightful set of podcasts. It will prepare you for the road ahead.

6. Ethical Reasoning

There is more to medical school then learning how to fix broken bones. As the name suggests, this podcasts focus on ethical reasoning in the medical field.

7. Medical Education

Another great podcast is Medical Education and it focuses on medical professionals who want to expand their level of knowledge. This is the one to listen to if you want to go beyond what is taught in class.

8. UCFS Continuing Medical Education

After you complete your medical studies, there is always more to learn. If you would like to increase your knowledge and continue your education without going back to school, you need to listen to these podcasts.

9. Graduate Medical Education

As physicians, we are constantly focused on the patient, but who really takes care of us? This podcast is absolutely necessary for every medical student. It discusses a host of topics on taking care of the caregiver. It is such an eye opener.

10. Social Media in Medical Education

Everyone seems to be a nurse or a doctor online and we have various medical tips floating around. Unfortunately, not all of these are true. You went through the trouble of doing your graduate nurse cover letter but everyone seems to know more than you do about medicine. This is a very insightful podcasts everyone should listen to.

11. ADHD Expert Podcasts

More kids are diagnosed with ADHD and medical students need to be aware of this growth in numbers. It is going to form a large part of your daily diagnoses and thus it is an important topic to cover.

12. Instant Anatomy

Even though this is directed at medical professionals and students, anyone can learn some important facts about the human body.

13. Hidden Brain

Learning more about the behaviour and basics of the brain is going to help you in your career, but also in your personal life. This podcast takes one subject and broke it down into tiny pieces which are explained in great detail.

14. Radiolab

Medical anthropology is a very interesting subject for medical students. Even though that is not the focus of Radiolab, you find so many medical related subjects, which is worth checking out.

15. Doctor Paradox

When you are done with your day of studying and focusing on important subjects, this one might be for you. It is still learning material, but in a relaxed manner.

16. Jama Clinical

These podcasts give clear guidelines on common and uncommon emergencies. Most of the studies are evidence based, so you know you are receiving true and tested information.

17. Best Science Medicine

Most of the podcasts are directed at family doctors, but this does not stop any medical professional from learning something new. It’s a great podcasts with valuable information.

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