14 Things Students Miss About College in the Summer

Ah, college. The best years of your life. But going home for the summer often feels like leaving a party early, and that’s partly because there’s so much to life at college that there’s always something for you to miss.

For some people, it’s the nightlife. For others, it’s the structure and the freedom from multiple  tasks and essay  writing. Either way, you’re sure to miss at least one of these things when you head home from college for the summer.

1. The parties

College isn’t just about education – although education is certainly important. But the parties you go to at college are the best parties you’ll ever experience, and the summer can seem tame and quiet in comparison.

2. The randomness

There’s always something strange happening on campus, and it often feels like there’s a festival atmosphere. When you’re back at home for the summer, you’re statistically much less likely to see someone riding around on a unicycle or being pranked by a mischievous fellow student.

3. Being able to be messy

When you’re at college, there are no parents to come into your room and tell you to tidy it up. That means you can be as messy as you like, which definitely won’t be allowed during the summer. That means you can be as messy as you like, to earn a little money.

4. Living with friends

Speaking of parents, one of the great pleasures of going to college is that you get to live and study with friends instead of parents and siblings. After all, you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family.

5. Everything being so close

When you’re living on campus, everything is super close. A whole ecosystem has usually been created with bars, restaurants, shops, libraries, sports facilities and more within a half mile radius of campus. Plus, your friends literally live next door.

6. Talking to people at 4am

It becomes less acceptable to start a conversation in the early hours of the morning when you’re living in the same house as parents and siblings. You can no longer knock on a door at any hour and expect someone to be happy to see you.

7. Doing your own food shopping

Food shopping is admittedly a chore, but there’s a certain pleasure in picking out exactly what you’re going to eat. Nobody knows what you like as well as you do, so doing your shopping yourself helps to guarantee that you’ll eat something tasty – even if it’s just pasta for four days in a row.

8. Wearing onesies

Who doesn’t love wearing a onesie? They tend to be frowned upon when you’re an adult, but as a student you can wear them everywhere – often including to lectures. You usually can’t do that once you enter the workforce.

9. Fancy dress

College life is full of opportunities to get dressed up, whether you’re heading to a themed night or whether you’re sporting your team’s colors for a sports match. There will be far fewer opportunities for fancy dress when you move back in with your parents.

10. School spirit

Speaking of sports, one of the great things about being at college is that sense that everyone is in it together. It feels great to be part of a tribe, and you’ll often find yourself missing the overall atmosphere of camaraderie when you’re back in the real world.

11. Random recipes

When you run out of food at college, you learn to experiment. You start to take random ingredients and to combine them in weird new combinations to see what works. Most of the time, it tastes horrible – but every now and then you make soy sauce on toast or rice à la crème and it tastes divine.

12. Not feeling guilty about being unemployed

You have lectures to go to during the semester, which means you have a legitimate use for your time that excuses you from getting a job. Once you’re back at home with your parents, you’ll have a summer of empty days ahead of you – and no excuse for not working.

13. Learning

Let’s not forget that the whole point of going to college is to learn things – and that learning can be enjoyable in its own right. As much as you complain about those 9 AM lectures and the excessive homework, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

14. Freedom

Most of these different points all come down to the same thing. When you head back home for the summer, you’re deprived of the freedom that you’ve only just grown accustomed to. It can be hard to go back to the way things were when you’re so used to the way things are.

It’s perfectly natural to miss college during the summer. But instead of dwelling on it and wishing your life away, it’s important to seize the summer by the throat and make it yours. Learn new skills, meet up with old friends or get a job to earn a little money to tide you over. Don’t just let the time go to waste.

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