11 Websites Every Student Should Be Using

Whoever says that student life is easy has probably never experienced it. Rigid study schedules, fixed meals at the mess and laundry woes can turn anyone’s world upside down. But worry not dear students! We know how hard you struggle to finish all your chores, day in and day out. And we’re here to make your lives a tad easier.

Check out these websites to know how you can deal with the daily hassles of student life


Evernote is one of the most useful websites you can lay your eyes on, as a student. It helps to keep all facets of your life organised. It acts as a great aid while working on a project. Instead of keeping a hundred tabs open on your laptop, Evernote can be used to store all the required information. The best feature about Evernote is that you do not always need a computer or even the internet to access it. It is compatible to be used on your Blackberry, iPhone/iPod as well as desktop.


Surfing eBay becomes a lot easier using Half.com. If you wish to know the best price in the market for any item that you wish to buy, Half.com is your mantra. It categorises items based on the current condition they’re in. Half.com is a blessing for students looking to buy textbooks for cheap prices on the internet. What’s more? You can even sell off things that you no longer need to make some extra bucks.


If you’ve just begun with college and want to spruce up your dorm, DormCo is the site to be at. It is specially made to help freshmen like you set up their dorms. Everything you could possibly need in your dorm is available on this website. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours. So whether it is a Twin XL bedsheet that you need or a gym tan laundry bag, you know where to look up. Buy bundled packages to be able to save more. You should also watch out for the promotional discounts the website offers on select items from time to time.


This is another popular website that takes care of all your needs while you’re at the campus. But CraigList is not merely any other website where you can buy stuff. It also permits you to put up for sale any item that you may no longer require. It is based on a first come first serve model; hence you better grab all that you need before everything goes away. Furniture, textbooks, latest DVDs, pets and a lot more can be found here. Buy or sell. The choice is yours!

Rate My Professors

A lot of times you are not aware what to expect of a class before enrolling into it. This website provides you with an insight into what you’re up for even before you sign up for a class. Students who have been taught by a Professor in the past can rate him/her on parameters like clarity, helpfulness and easiness. They can also liberally write comments about their study experience with the professor so that it becomes easier for you to make the right choice.


For students who find it difficult to finish their assignments on time at the end of the semester, the academic experts can come to their rescue. One can avail any form of guidance and support to get their papers prepared for submission before the due date.

Student Universe

Who doesn’t like to travel? However, as a student, when you’re almost always running on tight budgets, planning a vacation feels like a luxury. This is where Student universe comes to your rescue. The website lets you book flights and hotels for cheap prices, simply because you’re a student. So what are you still waiting for? Feel free to wander the earth, guilt-free. Let money constraints stop you no more.


Whether or not you own an iPhone/iPad, UrbanSpoon is one of the easiest ways to locate the best restaurants around you. You can find restaurants based on their location and proximity to you. It also lets you take a sneak-peek into what others think about the ambience and food that the place serves. Trying to quell late night cravings? Just enter what you wish to eat and wait for UrbanSpoon to magically suggest you just the right place for you!

Essay Writers

Essay writing professionals at AssignmentEssayHelp.com help students with fine-tuning their essays before submission. Students can take help with review comments received from their professors or graders before they can resubmit it once and for all. This service is, however, more popular with reviewing of admission essays for university applications across many universities in the US, UK and Australia.


Are you heading off to college for the very first time? Are you yet to witness what University life is like? Get a feel of what your University has in store for you well ahead of time. Unigo is a website where people post about their past experiences in detail. Students highlight their bitter-sweet love-hate relationship with their campuses here. Whatever they like the best about their campus to what they despise the most about it, you’ll find it all listed on Unigo. This is a good source for you to figure out how to get involved in your college.

Resume Writing Professionals

Students need to get their resume updated and reviewed for internship applications and job interviews. However, very few get it right in the first go which results in loss of vital opportunities which come their way. Students can get their CVs modified to throw their candidate in the best light to stand out of the competition. The online HR professionals for hire can do just that for a few bucks well spent.

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