10 Ways to Enhance Your Emotional Resilience while Passing Exams

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We’ve all had times in life when it was easier just to give up than go on. And for a student, that moment often always comes around the exams. You studied hard for your midterm but didn’t score as highly as you expect or even good.

The end of semester exams is approaching and don’t know whether you should keep studying or give in, and accept that you’ll fail. Emotional resilience is a skill that one has to master, to succeed in life. Even when merely finding paraphrasing vs. summarizing services feels overwhelming.

Here’s how to:

1. Optimism

Don’t focus on the negative side of things. There is a silver lining in every cloud. Be realistic and have a positive outlook at the same time. Be confident in what you can do. Turn your attention to problems you can solve and cut your losses to those that are unsolvable.

2. Take Control

If you get substandard paraphrasing service, you can still find one that delivers on their promise. When you decide to assume autonomy in your studies, only then can you respond to challenges that come your way, proactively. Have “me-time,” when you reset your emotional state.

3. Prevent chronic overload

Now that you know you have the power to choose to perform well in the coming exams don’t panic and bury yourself in a stack of books. If you flood yourself like this, it may wear you down. Allocate enough time towards your studies, and set aside some free time, too.

4. Social Support

When you go through the same circumstances as others, it connects you. There are other students also preparing for the exams. Join a study group or start one. It not just about getting the needed help, but also offering a helping hand to those in need.

5. Cognitive Flexibility

There’s no sure or clear path to success. Sometimes you’ll have to turn back, change directions, or use other means. Also, you should be flexible in how you deal with stress. If one way doesn’t work, find another that will.

6. Establish Boundaries

Learn to say no. Yes, it is enticing to spend the night out with friends rather than prepare for the exams, but you need to “say no.” Ensure that you get enough sleep before you sit your exams, to improve your memory recollection and re energize it.

7. Physical Fitness

Exercising isn’t just for a fit body. It also helps in dealing with stress. In that, when you engage in vigorous exercise, the pressure that results from it makes you able to adapt to the challenges that you face. Get your heart racing, by trying some aerobic exercises.

8. Improve your Problem Solving Ability

The process of solving problems involves five main stages. You first have to identify the problem, Define the challenge, Examine your options, create an action plan, and then, consider the consequences. When you are anxious, it may be difficult to do this and a simple task of looking for rephrasing website, may be challenging too.

Try solving logic puzzles to improve your cognitive function.

9. Have a Purpose

To complete your mission or fulfill your purpose, you have to find meaning in what you do. It will push you forward when times get hard.

10. Get a Role Model

Find someone to look up to, when times become difficult. It should be one who rose above the odds and made it. You fellow students can be your role models too. A person who gives their best despite their current state or situation.


Building emotional resilience will help you take control of your anxiety over exams. Try out the above tips and realize the success you desire.

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