10 Tips for Getting Along With Your College Roommate

3. Create some roommie rituals. Back when I was a freshman, my roommate, who had a car, invited me along to get Chinese take-out with her late one night. Never one to turn down a pile of greasy rice with a side of egg rolls, I took her up on her offer. We brought our Cashew Chicken back to our room, turned on Letterman, and just like that, a tradition was born. Chinese food and Letterman became our ritual once or twice a week for the next eight months. It was murder on our waistlines – I gained 20 pounds that year – but great for forming a bond. It’s probably best to let your own roommate ritual develop organically like ours did. It will start with a fun shared experience and become a tradition when you repeat that experience – either purposefully or by accident – at least three times. For the sake of your hot bod, I’d recommend staying away from anything that involves a drive-thru or a blinking neon sign out front. 4. Make other friends! Making your roommate your lifeline can be especially tempting for shy freshman, but doing so almost guarantees tension and resentment. You need space from each other – besides just going to different classes during the day – and the only way to create that space is by forming friendships with other people.


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