10 Sharp Ways to Get Motivated to Study

Are you in this situation, you know you have to study but can’t get yourself to do it? Thinking about the exams that are around the corner, doesn’t make it easy. On top of that, the thought of the sheer amount of content that you need to go through; weighs you down.

You decide to work on your medical fellowship personal statements drafts, to kick-start your motivation to study, but to no avail. You can even go through a single sentence of a text. The right motivation helps one to focus and concentrate better.

If you feel you don’t have the motivation to study, the below tips will help you out:

1. Visualize Yourself starting

The hardest thing for you right now is to start studying. Just a single line, followed by another, until the end of the study session. Imagine that you have started, it will give you the juice to do it.

It may be a slow start, but it will take off, soon.

2. Try Something New

Life is all about taking risks; this also applies to working on your anesthesia personal statement. The application may go either way, but you still need to try. Rather than immerse yourself in large books, switch up your study sessions by listening to podcasts, or watching videos on the subject matter.

3. Set SMART Goals

Having goals and working towards them will improve your perseverance. It makes it possible to do whatever it takes. It is your yin to your yang, as it keeps you focused.

4. Avoid Distractions

Distractions will suck up your time, which you probably don’t have already. It could be in checking the updates on your Facebook posts or eagerly waiting for a particular email. Block all distractions when you are studying, and keep yourself focused.

Turn off notification and pop-ups when you are online. Use apps that will help you take control of your time if you have to.

5. Break It Down

It gives you structure, and you can plan your studies. Big tasks or challenging ones are daunting when you know you have to attend to them at one go. Create a study planner and purpose to stick to it.

6. Reward Yourself

You are still battling with whether to watch Netflix or go through the notes on the last lecture. Set a study goal and reward yourself when you achieve it. Say, you set aside a few hours of study with regular breaks. You watch one or two episodes of your favorite show when you are finally done.

7. Positivity

Your attitude affects your level of motivation. Developing a positive attitude towards your studies will boost your motivation. It doesn’t matter what you are working on, even if it’s the radiology personal statement.

If you think positively about why you are in school or need to study, it will keep your academic motivation on the high.

8. Do What Works

We study better with different techniques. You have to identify what works for you. It could be through study sessions by themselves, or you increase your energy to revise through group study. Go for it.

9. Have the Big Picture in Mind

When you feel like giving up and don’t give a care whether you study or not, think about the big picture. What do you aim to achieve by studying and what good will it do, to you?

10. Beat Procrastination

You may feel like you still have more days to get your act together and study. But just get started. Don’t think tomorrow you will be more motivated than today.


When you don’t feel like studying but need to, try out the above tips. Good luck!

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