10 Reasons To Love Being Single In College!

So you are a happy college student and want to have a serious relationship? But wait a minute, have you weighed in its pros and cons? Well, I’ve seen my classmates suffer the pathetic effects of bad relationships. The reasons were many.

The majority of the college students have a hectic life that calls for undivided attention and commitment. So getting in a relationship means you are going to give a copious amount of time to your relationship which can be a serious roadblock in your studies.

Besides, a relationship demands too much mental space and emotional energy which are too demanding for students who are already occupied with the academic stress and pressures of life. So the million-dollar question is: should you stay single in a college or indulge in a relationship? Well, I’ll go with the first option and here are my reasons:

  • You Can Give More Time To Your Studies

Well, this is quite an obvious. Being single means you don’t have to take out the extra time for dining out, going to the movies or doing the other hanky-panky activities. When you are single, it becomes extremely easier to take out time for the classes and manage your life. So even when you miss a lecture, you have sufficient time to catch it up before the next class.

Being single provides you with the time freedom to pace your life. So you don’t have to hasten things and you can dedicate enough time to each part of your life.

  • You Have More Control Over Life

Remember that college is the most crucial part of your academic life. At this stage, you want everything to be hunky-dory and don’t want to mess things up as any mishap can have implications on your life and career. When you are in a relationship, you want your relationship in order.

But life is unpredictable and so is a relationship. There are nagging, tiffs, and heartbreaks. All these things can have repercussions on your academic life. A break-up might cause you to lose control of your life and it can seriously affect your studies as well.

  • You Can Focus More On Yourself

College is a time for major transition. It is the time when you start to learn about yourself and the things that define you, i.e. your strengths, weaknesses, ambitions, likes, and dislikes. By staying single at this stage, you can allow yourself to know the real you.

Apart from learning about your academic strengths, you also get to know about your potential as a professional since you can take up a part-time job. You cannot avail these perks when you are in a relationship since a big chunk of your time goes into making the relationship work.

  • No Financial Stress

Studying in college is a costly affair. You have to bear your tuition fee, meal and accommodation expenses, transportation, and recreation. All these make up a hefty amount of bill at the end of every month. For a college student who lives on a tight budget, it is never easy to afford his studies while he is in a relationship.

  • You Can Make BFFs

College is the time when you find some good friends. They are the ones who are going to be your confidant, mentor, and a strong pillar that you can fall back on. So rather than having a fling with someone whom you will part ways after college, you should build a strong friendship with your classmates who will remain your lifelong companions.

  • You Can Be Yourself

When you are in a relationship, you have to live life in a certain way. A big part of your life is dominated by the influence of your partner. What you wear, how you look, and how you carry yourself is dictated by your significant other. This not only diverts your attention from your studies but also deprives you of being yourself.

  • You Will Build More Happy Memories

A single life in college allows you to do the different things in life that you can enjoy and learn from. Unlike the students in a relationship, you can mingle with different people, go for a night out or have a blast at your favourite spot. Those wonderful moments will become the pleasant memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life and share with your children and grandchildren.

  • There Will Be No Nagging

Any relationship has its share of bad time. There are times when everything turns upside down. When it happens, it brings stress and bitterness in a relationship. Both you and your significant other tend to blame each other for the ordeal. The bitterness in a relationship often vents out in the form of nagging. Daily nagging can have serious effects on your mood which in turn affects your academic performance.

Being single means you have no one to argue about anything.  Since there is no one to judge your actions, you don’t have to prove yourself and develop the harsh feelings. In other words, you can concentrate more on your studies and other important matters of life.

  • You Can Try New Things

College life offers you many learning opportunities to grow yourself as a person. Being single means you have the time and energy to try all those things and upskill yourself.

For example, you can participate in intramural debate contest to refine your debating abilities or take part in intercollegiate sports competition to practice your athletic skills. Similarly, you can build your knowledge by spending time reading the best books in your college library or join a theatre group to hone your acting skills. Being single means you can try your hands at all the different activities and enrich your experiences.

  • You Can Live Life On Your Own Terms

And last but not the least…

When you are single, you have the liberties to live life as you want. You can live your life according to your priorities and your studies make a big part of your priorities. Instead of compromising your career for someone you will separate after finishing your college, you should set your priorities on your own and give more importance to your studies that will give you a better career and a respectable life.

Final Thoughts…

College life is a crucial time that makes or breaks your future life and career. It is the time to groom yourself as a person and set the direction of your career. Committing yourself in a relationship deprives you of the time and mental space to give any time to self-improvement. These were my reasons to avoid a relationship when you are in college. Whether you start a relationship or not will be your call.

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