10 Part-Time Jobs That Have Great Pay

10 Part-Time Jobs That Have Great Pay

Most high school or college students take part-time jobs to gain experience and earn money while their still in school. Part-time jobs are also an option for those who already have jobs but want to earn extra. It’s good to have a part-time job while studying since it counts as a working experience and you can certainly learn a lot. So here are part-time jobs you can choose if you want to have a good pay.

1. Rideshare Driver – You can earn anywhere from $15 – $30 an hour. First you need a reliable car, smartphone and pass a background check. Most drivers earn more during Fridays and Saturdays. Remember the bigger the city, you can get better money. One advantage for this part-time job is the “immense-flexibility”.

2. Translator – Depending on the language, fluency and skills a translator can earn up to $34 an hour. Also the location matters mostly the rate is $14 – $25. Your competitors will depend on the language you’re translating.

3. Web Designer – The rates go from $20 – $150 and it’s a hefty pay for a part-time job. A part-time web designer can earn as much as $15,000 a month. The better the portfolio the higher rates you can go. Some web designers team up with small firms that build and maintain websites for small and medium businesses.

4. Waiter – There’s so many actors and musicians that worked as waiters. The work has a decent salary of $20 an hour. Plus waiters can get tips aside from their salary. Waiters are always needed especially for busy restaurants and events.

5. Editor/ Writer – From magazines to websites, there so many media a freelance writer can work. The rate is $40 – $60 an hour. Some have a set rate especially when it’s a per-project basis. Editors can ask for retainers, while the lowest rate when you have a regular client is $30/hour.

6. Tutor – For those who are math and science wizards, you can help students and earn $25 – $60 an hour.

7. Fitness Instructor – The average pay for a trainer is $19.87 an hour. You can work in a gym; you own studio or the client’s house. This job requires training and certification that you have to shoulder

8. Music Teacher – If you can play piano, guitar or any musical instruments and you can teach others well, this part-time job is for you. The pay varies, it start from $12 for a half hour lesson. For private lesson $50 is the standard rate. More experienced and in-demand music teachers can earn anywhere from $100 – $150.

9. Bartender – Serving drinks and entertaining customers, most bartenders earn $1000 working for three nights. Rates depend on the gig the bigger the better pay goes.

10. Dog Walker – If you love dogs this is for you. You can charge $16 an hour for a group walk and you can walk between 3 to 5 dogs. For private half hour walks rates starts at $20 – $25.

If have spare time to spend then you can work part-time jobs. It’s a great advancement for you financially and for your career since it can count as a working experience.

By Juan Davao — http://jobsforeveryjuan.com/


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