10 Irrational Stereotypes You Meet in University

10 Irrational Stereotypes You Meet in University

If you would check it out, there are so many irrational stereotypes that you will meet in the university. There is a chance that you would like to meet people that you are going to be friends with for life while there are also some that you will not like that much. Do remember that when you are also in the university, there is a chance that you will be judged too and you will also become part of one of the irrational stereotypes that people say about people who are studying in a university. Are you curious to know about these different stereotypes? Then read on:

  1. The Party People

There is a chance that you will see a student at a party and he/she looks the part. You will probably assume that the student is someone who just likes to party and socialize all year long. There is a chance that there are some people who like to party a lot but a majority of students that you will meet in universities only party occasionally and only do it when they have the chance. A lot of people are still more concerned about their grades than their social lives.

  1. The Lazy Bunch

You might think that most of your classmates are going to be lazy because this what college students are known for, that they tend to be lazy not only in terms of school work but also in doing physical activities but then again, this is not true for everyone. There may be some who are generally lazy and you have no idea why they have gotten into the university in the first place but it is true because they do exist.

  1. The Forgetful Student

There is a big chance that you would meet someone who seems to forget about everything that he/she needs. Whether he/she is in need of paper, pen and other things, there is a chance that you will finally say that enough is enough. If you meet this student, you just want to wish and pray that he/she will start to get his/her life together.

  1. Loudmouth

There is always a chance that you will encounter someone who seems to have megaphones tied to his/her mouth all the time. You can hear the voice from even a mile away and carrying a decent conversation with this student may not be that decent since what the student does is just talk loudly. Secrets and maybe even answers to some tests can be heard clearly. There may be times when the loudmouth is not so bad.

  1. The High Spenders

There is a chance that you will meet someone who seems to have the newest clothes, the newest items and even the newest cars. This person just seems to spend on everything that he/she desires and you might want to be this person’s friend or stay away from this person like plague. University students are not always big spenders. In fact, some people do not like spending too much on things that are unrelated to school because of their limited budget.

  1. Snoozer

There is also this irrational stereotype about this student who always falls asleep in class no matter what subject and no matter what the lesson may be. There is this big chance that this student’s attention will be called or maybe not since there are so many other students to be attended to by the professors.

  1. The Last Minute Worker

There is always this student who leaves everything at the last minute. No matter if it is a big or small project, there is always a chance that the student will work just a couple of days before the required deadline. There is even a chance that more work will be done on the last day before the paper should be submitted. You can usually find this last minute worker in the library or probably inside his/her dorm room, cramming the paper that would need to be submitted and when he/she becomes successful, he would just need to rest afterwards instead of celebrating the successful submission of the paper.

  1. The Worrier

There are also students who constantly worry about everything and this is just not about the grades but also on how other people perceive them. The fact that they worry too much can be seen clearly by others. There is a chance that you will know the worriers the moment that you step into your new class.

  1. The No – Care Student

This is the type of student who just happened to be there because he/she was forced by his/her parents so he/she is making the effort not do anything at all and his/her attitude is that he/she just does not care at all.

  1. The Perfect Student

Is there such thing as a perfect student? This is someone who always arrives to class on time, passes papers on time or sometimes even advanced, gets the highest grades in written works and tests and is well known by the professors. Does the perfect student exist? Probably near perfect but students still mess up from time to time.

Do you think you will fit into any of these irrational stereotypes?

Cindy Bates works as a freelance writer and editor at Proessaywriting. She used to write articles and share her knowledge and experience in the educational sphere.

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