10 Common Coursework Writing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Coursework is something that every student has to go through. It is an important assignment that can showcase your writing and researching abilities. If you want to make the most of this assignment, knowing some common coursework writing mistakes is a benefit. Read along and try to avoid the following things in your work.

Not quoting your sources

This is a very common mistake that every second student makes. Well, and I just made it, too! How do I know that every second student doesn’t cite relevant sources? I cannot make this statement unless there is an actual research of this matter and I link to it or at least mention it. Until that, it is just a wage assumption. Don’t make the same mistake and never make any statements without references, unless it is a well-known fact.

Copying someone else’s work

This is one of the worst things you can do to your coursework. Plagiarism is a punishable mistake in the academic world and if you get caught, don’t wait for your professor to indulge you. Today professors use different software to check students’ papers for plagiarism and, moreover, they are experienced enough to see if it was you who wrote this paper. So, don’t play with fire.

Choosing the wrong style and tone

It is a good thing when a student’s personality and personal voice shows through their academic writing. Going too far with it can be a mistake, though. Remember that you write an academic paper and not a personal essay and use the appropriate style and tone.

Not paying enough attention to formatting

No matter if it is wrong or right, but organizing, for example, a bibliography in the wrong way, can lower your grade. Professors expect papers with the same formatting from all the students, and improvisation here can cost a lot. Make sure you know all the rules of the citation style you are to use, as well. It is crucial to arrange your bibliography right.

Writing off topic

Some students often get off the topic in their coursework if they do not have much information to cover. They start going into different topics, which is not the right solution. Try to stay on topic, and if you do not find enough material, better address your professor or do more researches to find something suitable.

Not editing

Surprisingly, many students do not bother rereading their course paper after writing it. You can be an excellent writer but still, make silly mistakes from time to time. Of course, a couple of spelling mistake will not lower your grade, but a big bunch of different errors might. So, spend some time and read your masterpiece before handing it in. Alternatively, you can give your work to read to your friends or ask some company to check your coursework for mistakes. No matter what you choose, some editing needs to be done.

Summary instead of analysis

Another common mistake concerns the final part of coursework. It is an often thing when students are just summing up everything they have written in the main part of the coursework not offering any analysis or appropriate conclusion. Remember that every coursework has some problem to solve, be sure to offer this solution at the end.

Using slang and incomplete sentences

Do not forget that it is an academic work after all. Unless it is a quote, try not to use any slang words or incomplete sentences. Try to avoid all the unnecessary abbreviations, too, unless there is a strong need for them.

Leaving your coursework for the last moment

Here is another common mistake that students make. They assume that they can manage to write a coursework in a couple of days. As a result, you spend several sleepless nights and, in the best scenario you end up with a lousy written paper. More often, though, you just don’t finish it in time. It is important to start working on your coursework as soon as possible and to divide the whole work into small parts. You can use different apps to track your coursework progress. Thus, you will have a more thought-through work that will get you those excellent grades.

Final checklist

When you check your coursework for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, make sure you pay attention to the following issues, as they are very common.

  • Wrong tense;
  • Confusing your with you’re, it’s with its, they’re with there, etc.;
  • Using double negative;
  • Confusing adverb with adjective;
  • Not using commas with parenthesis;
  • Using wrong verb forms.

All students make mistakes, but the majority of them can be avoided if you start early and pay enough attention to the editing process. Do not delay this assignment for later, otherwise you will definitely make some mistakes because of the rush. Good luck with your college papers!

By Alyce Fabel


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