Top 5 Richest Actresses In The World

Ladies rule the world! This year is the year when actresses earned more money than actors. Gender equality is finally taking over. That’s why we decided to round up the richest actresses in the world and motivate you to follow your dreams. All of these women are super-successful and have worked very hard to get what they have.

Dina Merrill- $5 Billion

The legendary Dina Merrill takes over the top spot on the richest actresses in the world list. This talented lady is the heiress of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the owner of Post Cereal. This means that a large part of her wealth is actually thanks to great business decisions and completely outside of the acting industry. That doesn’t mean that Dina was a bad actress. On the contrary, the beauty starred in more than 20 movies during her career. Her estimated worth is a little over $5 billion. Merrill passed away last year at the age of 94. The former actress was a well-known socialite, businesswoman, and an entrepreneur. During her life, she was married three times. Her first marriage was with Stanley M. Rumbough Jr, who was the heir of Colgate-Palmolive. Dina’s second husband was Hollywood actor Cliff Robertson and the third one was producer Ted Hartley.

Jami Gertz- $4 Billion

Jami is extremely rich, in case you didn’t know. Her wealth is estimated to be worth a whopping $2 billion. Gertz is still a popular actress who you might have noticed in series such as “Modern Family” or “Entourage”. She’s also starred in “Family Ties”, “Crossroads”, “Square Pegs” and more. Jami is married to Tony Ressler, who is the co-founder of Ares Management. Tony also owned the Milwaukee Brewers until recently. It’s much easier to be a billionaire when you have a billionaire husband. Gertz is very active when it comes to acting, but most of her wealth comes from her other businesses. Just like Dina, this actress is also a well-known philanthropist. She often organizes charity events and finds ways to help the ones in need.

Jessica Alba- $350 million

Jessica knows her way around money. Aside from being a mega-popular actress, the beauty decided to start several very profitable businesses. The Honest Company brings her millions of dollars every month. When she was younger Alba was completely dedicated to the movie industry, so you probably remember her to movies such as “Camp Nowhere”, “Good Luck Chuck”, “The Love Guru” and more. These days she is still making movies while also running a very successful company. Thanks to all these jobs Alba is now among the richest actresses in the world.

Victoria Principal- $250 million

Probably not the name you expected, but Victoria Principal is very rich. The star is mostly known from her role in the series “Dallas” is not only an actress. Just like all the previous celebrities, she also has another business on the side. Principal is the owner of “Principal Skin”, an amazing skincare brand that is quite profitable. When she was younger Victoria didn’t even think of becoming an actress. When she was a child she did star in numerous commercials. At that time her family moved a lot, but at one point Victoria decided to stay in Los Angeles and try out an acting career. That is how she succeeded to book “Dallas”, the show which brought her to fame.

Jennifer Aniston- $200 million

The “Friends” star is reportedly worth over $200 million. Jen might have become famous thanks to the series, but she hasn’t stopped filming since then. Aniston was a part of a number of successful movies including “The Break Up”, “He’s Just Not That Into You” and more. Jen also founded her own production company called Echo Films.

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