These Celebrities Have Spent Time In Jail

Celebrities live under the wake lenses of paparazzi at all times. That is why every single detail of their lives is public. They make mistakes just like any other human being. The only difference is that it all happens in front of everyone. Did you know that many celebrities have been in jail for crimes they’ve committed? The good thing is that the law is equal for everyone, even if you are mega-popular. Some of them did time way before they were popular, but that will come up as news as well. Check out the stars that have spent time in prison at one point in their lives.

Mark Wahlberg

The popular actor spent 45 days in jail when he was only 16. At that time, Mark did several bad decisions, one of which sent him behind bars. He attacked two Vietnamese people when he was actually trying to rob a store. Wahlberg was reportedly also verbal and attacked them with racial insults. For the act, he was supposed to spend three months in jail but came out after 45 days. Who would’ve thought that he would become such a huge Hollywood star? Mark stated that he was high during the whole happening. Years later, the actor asked for a pardon but was eventually not granted. During an interview, he told reporters that he got together with the people he attacked and asked for their forgiveness.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert might be one of the richest and best-paid actors of the moment, but that wasn’t the case in the 90’s and early 2000s. Downey Jr. was so into forbidden substances that he was in and out of custody many times. In 1996, the actor was stopped for speeding by the police in Malibu. When they noticed he was acting strange, he was taken into custody for driving under the influence. The biggest surprise is what he had in his car. Robert was arrested for having crack, cocaine, heroin and a gun in the vehicle.

He went to jail and stayed there for a year. Downey Jr. was sent to a special facility that deals with people suffering from substance abuse. This didn’t stop the star from going back to his old habits after the release. He continued with the drugs until 2005, when he met his current wife, Susan Levin. Susan is the one responsible for Robert getting clean and having the most amazing on-screen comeback of all times. He soon scored the part as Iron Men, which brought him many awards and millions in earnings. In 2015 Downey was pardoned, and now he is once again a registered voter.

Lil’ Kim

The female rapper was sentenced to a whole year in prison back in 2005. Kim was sent to jail because she committed perjury and conspiracy. What she did is that she lied in front of a jury to protect her manager. Damion Butler was also her friend and was a part of a shooting that happened in front of the WQHT-FM Hot 97 radio station. When asked, Lil’ Kim claimed that she didn’t see Damion that day at all. Video footage later showed that her testimony was completely false. The rapper spent 10 months in prison.

Paul McCartney

Imagine one of the most iconic musicians of all times spending time in jail. This Beatle was caught with marijuana at the airport in Tokyo. Paul might have spent up to eight years in prison. One of the conditions of his visa to Japan was that he wasn’t using any drugs. The musician spent nine days in a prison cell in Tokyo before being released.

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