These Celebrities Have A Surprisingly Low Net Worth

Working in the movie, fashion or music industries and becoming famous, usually means that you will become rich. All of the celebrities that we know are worth a whole fortune. But there are also the ones that are not as rich because they’ve made some terrible financial decisions. Take a look at these celebrities with low net worth and find out how they lost their money.

Mike Tyson

The former boxing champion is definitely an eccentric figure. At the peak of his career, he was worth a stunning number of $300 million. But guess what! He’s not that rich anymore. His current estimated net worth is around $3 million. Where did the remaining $297 mil go? Tyson did some very strange moves that lead to the loss of the money. First, he divorced with his wife Robin Givens, later he went to jail for allegedly raping an 18-year-old student. While all of this was happening, Mike was also in the midst of paying the IRS his debt of over $13 million and the Brits a debt of $4 million. It seems that things haven’t been so good on a financial plan for the boxing champion. We’re not saying that $3 million is little, but it sure is compared to how rich he was at one point.

Lindsay Lohan

You all remember Lindsay from when she was just a little girl. She starred in so many movies and was one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Titles such as Mean Girls, Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap brought her millions of dollars on her account. She even tried a career in music and released a number of songs. But at one point, Lohan started losing all the money and is now one of the celebrities with low net worth. Can you imagine that an actress who started out with huge roles at just the age of three now only has around $500,000 to her name? Lindsay partied a lot and the word is that she also did a lot of drugs. That is when Hollywood directors stopped casting her, and her career went downwards. She also owned IRS over $200,000. The word is that the interview with Oprah from 2013 brought her $2 mil, but most of it went for rehab and debts. Today, Lohan owns a club in Mykonos and spends most of her days there.

Pamela Anderson

You are probably surprised to hear that Pamela Anderson is today only worth $5 million. The most popular Playboy girl is definitely not poor, but not as rich as she should be. Anderson was an OG at the Baywatch series which definitely brought a great income. Pamela has had a very turbulent life, which actually leads to her being present on the list of celebrities with low net worth. She did have many on-again, off-again romances with Tommy Lee. The couple was even married and divorced twice. Their relationship was filled with unnecessary expenses and wealthy parties. Maybe that is how the Playboy star lost a part of her fortune. She also had to pay a debt due to unpaid taxes.

Chris Tucker

The popular comedian is not as rich as you think. We all remember him from the cult Rush Hour movies he did with Jackie Chan. At that time, he was the most popular actor in the world. Actually, the word is that Tucker earned over $50 million for the three movies. Today he owns $11.5 million of taxes and is trying to come back on the movie scene with new films.

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