These Are The Richest Actors In The World

People can get rich in so many ways. But the entertainment industry is the one that brings the big cash. Popular actors and actresses earn so much that it’s even hard to follow. Just a single successful project can bring them millions. All of the stars below have worked for decades and are already iconic names in the industry. You’ve watched their movies and series and still love their work. Check out the richest actors in the world and how they made all that cash.

Merv Griffin

Merv Griffin is officially the richest actor in the world. Unfortunately, the business genius passed away in 2007, but his wealth remains impressive. It is thought that Griffin was worth almost $2 billion dollars. He started out acting and singing which brought him a lot of popularity. Since Merv couldn’t keep things simple, he also started hosting his own talk show. At the same time, he played several roles in popular TV shows. Griffin invented some of the most popular TV games in America including Jeopardy! Merv made many very smart investments and business moves that placed him on top of this list.

Jerry Seinfeld

The comedy god scored the second place on the richest actors in the world scale. His wealth has an estimated value of around $860. Whoa! Jerry started out with comedy way back in the 70s. At that time, he was only doing standup shows in several different New York pubs and clubs. It was 1989 when Jerry wrote the iconic series “Seinfeld”. It is definitely one of the most popular comedy series of all times. If you are a 90’s kid, there is no way that you’ve missed this one. “Seinfeld” was so popular that at one point the actor received $1 million per episode. It was on the air for 9 whole seasons. Although the series ended a while ago, it still remains a masterpiece. And the creator is without a doubt the most talented and talked-about stand-up comedian in the world. These days, Jerry constantly works on new projects and movies to keep him busy. With an empire like that he doesn’t have to work a day in his life.

Shah Rukh Khan

The Hollywood streak is interrupted by a mega-popular actor/producer from Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan is worth a whopping $600 million. The actor is halfway to a billion. He is also known as the Bollywood King, and for a reason. With a net worth like that, he is in the top three richest actors in the world. He has played in over 80 Hindi movies ever since the start of his career in the 90’s. It’s been quite a while, but Shah is still extremely popular. The thing is, you can’t get this rich by only making movies. Khan is the proud owner of a producing house, plus a team that plays in the Indian Cricket Premier League.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is popular in the public eye for not only being a great actor. Cruise somehow constantly manages to raise controversy with many of his decisions. Some of Tom’s most popular movies are “Mission Impossible”, “Top Gun”, “Rain Man”, “Forever Young”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Vanilla Sky” and many more. Before becoming an actor Cruise worked as a busser in a New York restaurant. Once his career took off, Tom didn’t stop making money even for a second. Today the estimated net worth of Cruise is around half a billion. One of the biggest news that shocked the world is that Tom joined the Scientology Church, and blindly follows their rules. According to press, this church is the main reason why the actor split with Katie Holmes.

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