The Weekly News Round-up!

It’s the end of the week time and I hope for all of you it has been a fruitful one. Good or bad here are some news stories getting attention this week so you can check them out too!

My little story last week about the rumbling in Hawaii has come true. Many on the big island are prepared to move and hope they all know how to keep safe. CNN has some dramatic footage of a car getting consumed by the hot rocks: Reports are, the owner is okay, but actually really bummed about the C-3PO mock-up getting fried. That will carry a lot of points in my circles!

CNN is also reporting THIS spill in the European nation of Poland. The driver is thankfully okay with only a broken arm it seems but that is 12 TONS of LIQUID MILK CHOCOLATE! If I was there I’d be doing my part trying to guzzle what’s left in the truck. I’d also be about 650 pounds by then am I don’t think my system can handle that!

And no, I have no idea if that much liquid chocolate would be able to put out a lava fire.

Closer to the Geekverse, io9 has a story about how one of the original Iron Man suits from the actual movie has gone missing! I’m not a big prop collector, but that kind of things can’t be easy to walk around in or try to pass off as a Collector Item without blowing the whistle on the whole thing. I have no idea where it could be or the methods behind it. I Hope someone happens to know where it went because that has to be a lot of money to whoever does!

For the gamers, You know that everyone from Nintendo, Sega, and even Atari have now made “classic system” that are easy to plug in and bring back the memories right? Add SNK to the list! Kotaku is reporting that classic, if brief, game makers SNK, known for their fighting games and the NEO GEO system back in the day are offering up a smaller portable version of the classic system, complete with 40 games involved. I didn’t even know the NEO GEO’s had that many games to begin with! Hopefully, most of them don’t have “FINAL FIGHT” as part of the title.

And for those of us who are more in television, AVClub reports the FOX network has gone one a bit of a bender (and not the kind FOX used to have) with some of it’s programming ahead of the announcements for next year’s schedule. Shows The Mick, Last Man on Earth, and Brooklyn 99 have been given the ax. Honestly, I don’t watch any of them myself and barely even watch Fox much anymore. However, quite a lot around me seem really upset and Brooklyn 99 is ending it’s run.

Fox has always been fickle to me anyway. Most of the shows I enjoyed were always on Sunday nights. Usually, that means that sports of some sort, usually baseball or football, got in the way. Remember Futurama, The Critic, and other things like that? They played second fiddle to sports and it cost them. They got relocated, canceled, and usually ended up in repeats on another network. So when it comes to the Fox network, it’s always taken that these shows would end up going somewhere else. Except the Simpson’s. That goes on forever no matter what happens.

And Finally from over at Soranews 24, they wrote an article on the arrival of Fatburger to their sights in Japan! Soranews is known for their articles and amazing eatings spots, and this is no different. I could probably feed myself in Tokyo on a map and Soranews for a while with how awesome they are. But even as an American I cringe at the site of their US Burger.

That wraps up everything here for the week. There is a lot of things out there, so go to town and keep reading!!

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