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Hello again everyone! It’s the start of a new month and also time for a new weakly round-up of all the cool stories from around the web.

It’s the Twitter logo

First up, if you use Twitter, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD! CNN is reporting how Twitter itself announced the idea after it was found passwords was being shared in an unsecured way. Twitter, of course, denied the passwords were being used maliciously, but you better change them anyway!

Busted, possibly nekkid
John Williams

In a follow up the country from last week, Wanted criminal John Williams was captured! Local NBC affiliate WCSH reports The alleged murderer of Somerset County  Sherif’s Deputy Eugene Cole and supposedly committed the first shooting death of a Maine Police officer in 30 years was found. Despite the warning that Williams could be anywhere in a country, he was found only a few hundred yards away hiding in a small shack in the Maine town of Norridgewock, where all this began.. And while the police who captured him are hesitant to say, there is actually a strong rumor he was nabbed while naked.

Hope they don't get you!
Very Big Turkeys

As reported by Seacoast online There was also an Emergency Governor mandate to pause to Turkey Hunting season during the pursuit of Williams. Governor LePage feared that Police and registered hunters would start shooting each other while the cops were looking for Williams. Gotta love Maine! Break the law here and EVERYONE could kill you right down to the turkey hunters and probably the turkeys too!


Rocketnews 24 has an article on Nintendo’s next scheduled President who will take the helm in June. The man picked for the role is Shuntaro Furukawa, but he won’t be alone as it is planned for current President Tatsumi Kimishima to stay on in a supporting role. Kimishima who once ran the company back before being replaced by former CEO (the late) Satoru Iwate in 2013. On a personal note, I remember having to write about Iwate’s passing that night in 2015. It was a rough night for a lot of people, even if I was not a hardcore Nintendo person. Hope Mr. Furukawa lasts for a long time and has a fruitful run.

I feel kinda bad.
The Poor Driver

Rocketnews also has a story about someone cosplaying Mario from the Super Mario Kart games. The poor woman was out doing her thing and jumped the curb and caused a lot of money’s worth in an accident. Guess the poor lady crashed into the storefront of a Fish and Chips Shop in Roppongi. The driver seems okay but there seems to be a run of damage there and the bills, including copyright fraud, are starting to pile up.

That does seem a little off

TMZ has a story about cover model Gigi Hadid appearing on the cover of Vogue Italia… in Blackface. The cover does appear to have some kind of color changes going on, and Hadid isn’t exactly new to these kinds of charges from other parts of the world. I can’t say I’m much into high fashion or know much about her as a person. That is up to you all to decide.

I can't play the damn things though
Here is hoping for Gibson’s!

The Washington Post has what is a real bummer of an article about the famed Gibson Guitars going into Bankruptcy Protection to get out of years of debt. The longtime company says that it is going to refocus on its guitars and get out of things like Home electronics. More power to them and hopefully they will Rock on!

Nope! A Whole lot of Nope!

CNN has a report from the Big Island in the state of Hawaii. There seems to be a lot of earthquakes in the area, leaving people to think that the Kilauea Volcano is ready to erupt. Hope it is something people can deal with and escape from. After years of films, seeing what Mount St. Helens did back in 1980, erupted always gave me the heeby-jeebies.

Yup, that's Kane

In a news story that just tickles me pink, The Daily Dot has a look at longtime WWE wrestler Glenn “Kane” Jacobs actually won his primary election to become Mayor of Knox County, Tennesee. He ran as a Republican, which is a surprise to me as I always thought he ran as a Libertarian. Whatever the case he is one step closer to his goal. Maybe he will have to have a match with Memphis wrestling legend Jerry “The King” Lawler. Either way, these kinds of stories are dear to me. Remember kids, you may not always win the thing, but it is a lot easier to run for office than you think. (Yep. That is me running for the big one in 2016).

Yup, that's me
They had to go with the cosplay picture

So with all kinds of news going on out there, keep your heads up and your eyes and ears open. And maybe run for President!


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