The Royal Wedding of May 2018

Some things to remember for us “Normals”

Looking good kids!

The next big worldwide event is supposed to take place on May 19th of this year with the wedding of Princess Harry and Meghan Markle. These kinds of things aren’t something that happens all the time, with only 2 or 3 really occurring since the dawn on the 1980s and the union of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Sure there are quite a few that have taken place since, but a wedding of a royal family member with some serious claim to the British throne doesn’t come around very often. And for those in the Monarchy, in England itself, or Royal watchers here is the states, there is a lot of nationalism, television, and rumors and tales that get involved in this.

A lot of Tradition!

The big thing to remember, through decades of movies and TV shows showing us that Royal Weddings are a dream and the ultimate goal for people everywhere, it is not about us. Commoners and people of importance anywhere else in the world means little to nothing to the events the British royals will be going through or what has happened in years past. Heck, the history of the event takes place more than any person. The British Royal Family and the monarchy itself places a LOT in tradition and commonplace of days gone by.


Queen Elizabeth II is 92 years old and she’s been in her place as the Queen of England not by following what people wanted or what was seen as trendy at the time. She has upheld a lot of things established long before she was around and she is very good at it. Things didn’t change for Charles, William, or Harry, let alone all the other kids and grandkids she has lineage to that we don’t see or hear about on the news. There will be people who complain that certain things aren’t “done the way it should be” or “how I’d do it.” But you know what? No one will care! No one will care what you or I think. Heck, people barely care what THEY think.

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And there is some thought to Harry himself. He is not his brother, his father, or his mother. His mother is no longer with us, and while her memory may be with us and her name remembered. She can’t say much about what we will see. In terms of importance, the monarchy goes through his father, his older brother, and his children. As sad it is to realize, Harry and any kids he may have are largely there in case something happens. It would take something horrendous for that crown to come his way. So, he has a lot of outside pressure on him being part of his family, but he isn’t expected to actually lead England and the countries’ territories. So he is being looked at differently then even his brother is looked at. Everyone sees it, even him.

The Last Royal Wedding

And more for us Americans, when this happens is of no thought to you. I’ll admit hearing people hear on the East Coast moaning how the events take place really early in the morning or really late at night and never during “Prime Time” here in the US. This event, Like Harry’s Wedding, Diana’s Wedding or her goodbye, EVERYTHING in England, TAKES PLACE IN ENGLAND. That’s a good 4 hours ahead of what anyone on the East Coast of the States sees. If you are here in the states. Get a DVR or watch a rebroadcast. It’s going to be a really early morning or a really late night for you. I am betting quite a few rebroadcasts in the States later in the day for us with things to do, so while it may not be live at that time, it will be your best chance to see what happens.

But most of all, try to enjoy things. Not everyone will pay attention to great details. But no matter how you look at it, remember that it is not for you and just let those who do enjoy these things do just that. It’s not meant for us outside the Crown’s reach, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy things for ourselves and for them too.

Royal couple

So Prince Harry and Lady Meghan. Enjoy yourselves as much as you can. Let the others have a good time, and let the rest of the Empire have their moment as well. It may not be the storybook that has been promised. But you can make it your own!

Good luck!

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