The 10 Oscars Moments Everyone is Talking About

Soooo, it was that day yesterday. A day we all eagerly waited for and got our popcorns for.


Watching them for full 5 hours was a bit exhausting, to be honest, but some parts of it made it worthwhile. There were some giggles, some claps, and some cringes.

And I’ve gathered it aaaalll in one place.

1. First, where is that speech box thing? This thingIt was a bit awkward that most of the winners had to put the Oscars on the ground because there was no other place where they could’ve left them.

2. Can’t host the Oscars without mentioning the greatest movie at this moment

Yes. Black Panther. For every one of you that has seen it, knows what a true masterpiece and a historical piece this movie is.  Because it’s such a great success, for the first 47 minutes the Oscars aired, it made mind-blowing 47 million dollars. Just…wow.

3. Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about last year’s “oopsie” with La La Land.

Courtesy A.M.P.A.S. © 2018

He just had to.

4. And Jenifer Lawrence’s “horrible friend” reaction to it

I don’t’ see what’s so bad about her reaction. Just the fact that she’s sitting next to Emma Stone. And pointing at her face laughing. Well, okay. It was a bit mean.

Just look at Emma Stone’s annoyed face. She looks PISSED.

5. Jordan Peele’s reaction to winning an Oscar:

Jordan Peele just became the first African American to ever win an Original Screenplay Oscar in the 90-year long Oscars history. And his reaction to it was just as amazing at the accomplishment itself.

After the show, he briefly tweeted “I just won an Oscar. WTF?!?”. I don’t know what he’s surprised about. Has he seen his movie “Get Out”? History.

6. Jimmy Kimmel’s women appreciation.

Besides mentioning that we should all work together towards stopping sexual harassment in the workplace, so women can deal with being harassed everywhere else, he made a hilarious joke on Hollywood’s failed movie efforts to understand women.

Courtesy A.M.P.A.S. © 2018

7. Margot Robbie’s typical brother

Margot Robbie was nominated for Best Actress but lost to Frances McDormand.

And that’s when her brother took over the spotlight and had the most typical younger brother reaction. He posted on Snapchat teasing her and even used the hashtag #imstillmumsfavouriteiguess.

Though, he later posted a few more videos where he spoke how immensely proud he is of his sister and how emotional he is because she didn’t get the Oscar.

Celebrity siblings are in fact same as our siblings. Annoying, but you can’t resist loving them.

8. Tiffany Haddish’s DRESS!

She proved to us once more that celebrities can be normal people and wear the same thing more than once. Contrary to what her “people” advised her, she went out and put on THE-SAME-DRESS as last year and the SNL show.


9. Another Emma Stone “oopsie”

During her speech in which she was announcing the Best Director category nominees, she praised the winner for his great talent and unique way of creating a masterpiece. But, the problem appeared when she got to the end and announced the nominees. She used the following sentence: “These four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces this year.”

It got some people upset.

“Why did she have to say Greta separately from the others? They are all directors. They all earned their spot. Why should Greta be praised, and not Peele for being the first African American nominated in that category or Del Toro, who is Latino?”

Just, Oscars are really not Emma’s thing.

10. Roger Deakins’ Oscar

I know. It might not be a huge name for you, but this guy just broke the longest streak of 14 “failed” nominations on the Oscars by winning his first ever Best Cinematography Oscar. He’s responsible for giving us some of the most amazing movie shots. You are surely familiar with some of his nominated movies “The Shawshank Redemption”, “No Country for Old Men” and “Skyfall”.

Congratulation Deakins. A well deserved Oscar.


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